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Waves Of Pleasure

Have you ever headed home
from a hard day at work
and all the way there you’re thinking
you want nothing more than this:
a hot shower or bath to soak in…

Maybe you imagine dropping
all your clothing and sliding
into that liquid pleasure
to soak away the tension
and fatigue of a rotten day.

Then comes that moment – you’re standing there
with steam rising from the tub
you can imagine the heat working its way into you
imagine every part of your body
relaxing with that warm release.

You pause to anticipate the feeling
then with a long and heartfelt sigh
you are sinking down
surrendering yourself completely
to the heat and relaxation.

Have you ever put aside
a special piece of chocolate
maybe a Ghirardelli or Godiva truffle
holding it back as a reward
for when you really need a lift?

It’s always there in the back of your mind
And when you decide the time has come
-now – to unwrap it; how you anticipate
the sweet revealing.

You might close your eyes
hold it right in front of your lips
as you pause and tease yourself
not quite touching it
savoring its dark aroma;
your lips open slightly
and there is the slightest touch of it
against your tongue
there is that first molecule of sweetness
then its richness fills your mouth.

Have you ever been attracted to someone
known that the attraction is mutual
even felt an incredible connection
and yet you hadn’t acted on your feelings?

Then comes that moment
when the conversation stops
and you just look at each other knowing
that something is about to happen.

You begin to anticipate
that first electric kiss
that first soft brush of the lips
and whether you feel attraction’s pull
bringing you together
or internal urges
pushing you into their arms;
suddenly you find you are kissing
and it’s as if the waves of pleasure
contain all of the pleasure
you now know that you will discover
and enjoy in this relationship
all wrapped up in that first
thrilling touch of a lovers’ lips.


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