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The Sunset

I don’t know if you can imagine
looking out over the ocean
at a gorgeous sunset
the clouds growing with an internal fire
that seems to be spreading on down
to the golden, molten, center of the sun.

And as it sinks into the horizon
in the distance, on the beach
three friends walk along
the edge between water and world
at the junction of twilight and night.

Three gulls soar upward
lifted by the warm onshore breeze,
three waves in slow procession
wash away your thoughts of today –
replacing them with the memory
of two fingertips touching your face
your cheek touching
the cheek of your lover,
the sound as your lover breathes
two sighs gently into your ear.

Sighs so mysterious and slow
they enter and warm you
like the sunsets afterglow.

Two lovers falling gently asleep
in the safety of one another’s arms:
one hope, one passion to inspire
one mind and one desire –
for me – these images
is an origami unfolding
as you open your heart to me.

I wonder how much you will want to know me.

I wonder how much you will want to hold me.

Maybe you will give me
that lovers special gift; but
don’t let yourself fall too quickly
try to resist for a moment or two
and just enjoy that slow intoxicating slide.

For you know when you allow yourself
to experience this moment
to feel your inhibitions melt away
you will start to notice
your feelings changing for me
like the sunset’s spreading fire.

And as you return from the world
of pleasure and dreams –
opening your eyes to your heart’s desire.

Can you see gently now?
One, two, three…


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