You are currently viewing The New Stranger Things 4 Trailer Turns Everything Upside Down

The New Stranger Things 4 Trailer Turns Everything Upside Down

-It’s about to get good …Really good

A young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces, and one strange little girl.

Netflix has just released the new Stranger Things 4 trailer, and it is sure to get fans of the show excited for the new season.

The trailer starts with a familiar scene to fans of the show, with Eleven looking in a mirror and seeing her “evil” reflection. However, things quickly take a turn when everything goes upside down.

This strange and eerie new footage has left fans wondering what will happen in the show’s fourth season.

What’s Stranger Things Season 4 about?

The Battle of Starfield may have ended, but a war is coming. It’s been more than two-and-a­ half years since the dramatic and emotionally charged events of the Battle of Stafield unfolded on our screens.

But now, finally, the premiere of Stranger things season four is just around the corner!

The new installment of the Netflix sci-fi drama series Stranger Things is set six months after the epic fight against the Mindflayer and follows Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and her friends, who are separated. We’re looking forward to seeing what the upcoming season has in store for us.

Official Trailer

Netflix released the official trailer for Stranger things Season 4 on April 12, and there is plenty to unpack in the trailer.

The clip begins with Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield) sitting by the grave of his stepbrother Billy Hargreave (Dacre Montgomery), who last sacrificed himself to rescue Eleven in Season 3’s ‘The Last Stand.’

“Dear Billy, I don’t know if you can even hear this,” Max says. Ever since you left, everything’s been a total disaster.”

The teaser then teases that a new war is coming, followed by Eleven saying, “I don’t have my powers.” (If you forgot, she lost them last season when she removed the piece of the Mind Flayerembedded in her.)

Eleven has no power, but according to Sam Owen (Paul Reiser), a supernatural war is coming, and she is the key to humanity’s survival.

Hey, no pressure, girl

Like the other tidbits, trailers, and images released over the past year from the show, this new preview shows a darker horror vibe to its series.

The biggest revelation from the trailer for Season 3 of Stranger Things is Vic, the human-like monster who will play a significant role in the season’s chaos. He arrives with a mixture of Lovecraftian terror, 1980s horror (Pinhead from Hellraiser comes to mind), and Game of Thrones’ Night king-style aesthetics, to name just a few.

Watch the trailer for Stranger Things Season Four below.

Two release dates in store

On February 17, The Duffer brothers announced two release dates for season four of Stranger Things.

“Given the unprecedented size, and to get it out to you as quickly as possible, season four will be released in two parts,” they wrote. “Part one will release on May 27, and part two will release five weeks later, on July 1.”

And on February 17, Netflix announced that Stranger Things season five would be its last.

Seven years ago, the creators of Stranger Things planned out the complete story arcs for each season. At the time, they predicted that the show would run for four to five seasons. It turned out to be too large to tell in just four, but we’re now hurtling towards our finale, as you will soon see for yourself. 

Stranger Things spin-offs: What’s next?

Stranger Things may be ending, but there are already talks of the show continuing long after that.

It was noted in the fourth season announcement letter that it was the end of the story for the show, but maybe not the overall story.

For “Stranger Things” fans, there are still many exciting stories left to tell within the world. We hope you stick with us as we finish the story of a powerful girl named 11 and her brave friends, a broken police chief and fierce mother, a small town called Hawkins, and an alternate dimension called the Upside Down.”

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has described Stranger Things as a franchise being born at a Vox media conference in autumn 2021. The publication also reported chatter about Brown possibly heading up an extension of the Stranger Things universe as part of her deal at Netflix. 

In any case, season 4 promises to be a wild ride. So buckle up and get ready for more Stranger Things.


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