Some articles and tips I published under the pseudonym ‘Homesteader’ on a survival website and forum I had, circa 1997-2004 on my old ‘How To Survive Into The 21st Century Website’ which some of you may remember.

Although a little dated still has some good useful info and tips

☢️Survival After A Nuclear Event
🐷A Civil War Survival Story
💣Dirty Bomb Threats
🍅Our Yearly Garden – Springtime
🏛️Survival At Ground Zero
🗡️Rules For A Gun, Knife, Baseball Bat, Or Fist Fight
🦌Hunting When It Counts
🗽The Coming Loss Of Personal Liberty
🪙Using Silver And Gold As Money
😮How To Not Panic
🚗The Jeep Wilderness Rack
🌟Radiation Protection For The Unprepared
🌾Sprouting Basics
🐜How To Bug Out Of An Area
🦄Fantasy And Weaponry
🍞Using Wheat Intro


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