The Certified Ultimate Guide To Using Snapchat Like A Pro-10 Secret Ways Found

The Certified Ultimate Guide To Using Snapchat Like A Pro-10 Secret Ways Found

Use this guide to grow your brand and gain new followers

“Snapchat is a gold mine of opportunity for any team that wants to create real relationships and build loyalty with its young fans.”  ― Gary Vaynerchuk, #AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness

If you want to try something new and have fun, then there is no better app than Snapchat.

With a bigger following every day, more and more people are turning to this social media platform as their go-to for entertainment.

If you’re looking for ways to use the app correctly, we have compiled a list of ten secrets that will help your snaps stand out from the rest.

1. How to take a Snapchat video

Snapchat videos are easier than ever to take. With just a few taps, you can record whatever is in front of you whether it’s your dog, your cat, or even yourself.

– Open the camera icon

– To start recording just tap on the screen

– You can tilt your phone to change the orientation of the video

– Tap the “REC” button in the bottom right corner to stop recording

2. How to add text, captions, and filters

Snapchat’s filters are not just for making your selfies look cute. They work great for professional photos, too!

To start editing your photo, just tap on the photo icon in the top left corner. Tap “manage” if you want to go back to your camera roll and take another photo or video or tap “add text” if you want to put text over the image.

Next, tap on the caption you want to add at the bottom of the photo under “texts & captions” (just below where it says “name here.”). The filters will start appearing right above that field, so choose one and then type whatever you want!

Many of the filters are interactive, so tap on one to see what it does.

Once you’re done editing your photo or video, name it and then press “next” at the bottom right corner. You can send this snap via direct message by pressing down on a friend’s face/name in your list and clicking “send to.”

You can also save this snap and then post it later by pressing the arrow in the top right corner. Finally, tap on “X” or anywhere outside of that box next to where you took your photo.

3. How to save your Snapchats for later viewing

Saving your Snapchat photos is super simple! To save your photo, just tap on the arrow in the top right corner of the screen. This is also where you will find your “My Story” page where you can post any of your photos for everyone to see.

To delete a snap, just press and hold on any single snap until it comes up with an option to “delete snap.”

4. How to post on someone else’s story from your phone or computer

To post on someone else’s story from your phone, you’ll need to open the app and tap on their profile.

Click “Send a Private Snap” in the top left corner of the screen to go to their chat. Once there, click the button in the top right corner that says “add caption.”

You can then type whatever you want in the text box in the middle of your screen. Finally, press “next” at the bottom right corner to send your snap.

To post a photo or video from your computer, visit the page where you can view other people’s stories.

Click on the snap that you want to add and then press “add by URL.” In the top right corner of this window, there will be a field with an arrow pointing down inside it. Copy what is in that field and paste it on your computer’s browser.

You will be able to add text and a caption before posting this snap just like you would on your phone!

5. Creating a Story with the app’s new features

A great thing about Snapchat is that even if you don’t have a lot of followers, it’s very easy to create your own story.

When you’re viewing the app for the first time, Snapchat will ask you what your name is and where you want to share your images.

If the app doesn’t show this screen automatically, go to “Create New Story” in the top right corner of the screen and choose “Your Story.”

When adding images to your story, just tap on any area of the photo or video that says “Add Text” or “Add Caption”.

Once you start a snap, you can’t do anything else on Snapchat until that snap finishes or is deleted.

Just like with sending a message to your friends, there are two options for replaying snaps: quick replay and 24-hour replay. The first option lets you view the snap again immediately after it’s sent while the second gives you an extra day to watch it.

To replay a snap, just tap on the snap and then press “play” at the bottom of the screen before viewing your story or friends’ stories.

You can also rewatch snaps from your story!

Just click on “My Story,” scroll down to any friend’s story, and view their photos if you want to rewatch them.

To replay a snap after the 24-hour window, press and hold on any single snap until it comes up with an option to “delete” or “play.”

If you tap on this delete button, the photo will be removed from your phone’s memory forever! To watch it again later, just visit their story and click on the photo.

After you press play, hold your finger down to keep watching as long as you want!

You can also replay snaps from your story by clicking “view all” at the top of your screen when viewing a friend’s snap stories. If their Snapchat is private, this option will not be available.

6. Using stickers in Snaps and Stories

The stickers you can add to your Snapchat photos and videos are related to a variety of things. If you want to add a cat, for example, just browse the featured category in the “Stickers” menu.

Inside this menu, there are four tabs: Featured, Food & Drink Fun & Games, and Classic.

Each tab has its own sticker to apply that’s related to an interest or topic which you can search by tapping one of the filter options at the top of the screen.

Tap on a filter and then tap on a sticker from one of these categories. The sticker will appear on your phone’s screen so you can place it wherever you want before taking a photo or video.

Snapchat also lets you create your own stickers and graphics!

Go to “My Story” and then tap on the flower-looking icon in the top right corner of your screen.

From here, click on “Create New Sticker” at the bottom left corner of this window.

You will be able to take a photo or video as usual after adding an image here.

In the top left corner of your screen, there will be a “Refresh” option that allows you to change what’s on this sticker.

Just click it if you want to use a different photo or video from your device!

To save any images and videos as stickers for future use, just tap on them once they’re on your screen.

The Snapchat app will ask if you want to save this image as a “My Eyes Only” photo by tapping on the checkmark in the bottom right corner of your device’s screen.

You can find these photos and videos under “Stickers.” They are saved there until you delete them from here!

7. Use Geofilters when you’re at different places (during vacations, parties, etc.)

One of the features of Snapchat that’s really popular is Geofilters.

These filters are location-based overlays that you can see when you send or receive a snap. For example, if you go to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, you’ll likely find the “Disney” filter so people who use Snapchat there can see it.

You can also create your own custom Geofilter for yourself and your friends to enjoy!

Go to the “Memories” section of the Snapchat app to access this feature. You will then need to choose “My Story” before tapping on the photo flower icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Tap on “Create My Own Custom Geofilter” and then follow the instructions on your app to design and preview this overlay.

When you’re done designing, tap “Next.” On the following screen, enter in an address of where you want people to be able to use this filter when they take photos or videos there.

After entering a location here, just press “Save” at the top of your screen.

Your custom Geofilter is complete!

You can now use it whenever you want by adding it to your snaps when you share them with friends or family, or at the location where you created this overlay.

To do that, just tap on “My Story.” From here, press and hold down on any snap until a menu pops up.

From this menu, tap on “My Eyes Only” and then select the image you want to use for your custom Geofilter here.

This overlay will only be available at that specific location until it is changed or deleted!

Some quick ways to share your photos

Take a quick selfie while using Snapchat by pressing down on your phone’s volume button.

Instead of using your phone’s volume button to take a photo or video, try pressing it down on the side where your volume controls are located.

You can use this method when you’re on Snapchat while taking selfies and videos! Snapchat will recognize that you pressed the volume key instead of the camera shutter so it won’t record any photos or videos.

One great thing about Snapchat is that it allows you to send and receive photos, videos, text messages, drawings, or sketches with anyone else who uses the app!

You can do this by tapping on “Chat” at the top of your screen. From there, select which contact you want to chat with before typing in any text you want to say.

Once you’re finished, tap on your friend’s name or phone number and then press the blue arrow that appears in this window after typing anything out here.

From there, just choose a photo or video you’d like to send by tapping on it before pressing “Send” at the bottom of your screen!

Sharing photos, videos, and other media on Snapchat is a lot of fun. One great thing about this app that you’ll need to remember is what types of files can be shared here!

These include Photos (taken with your phone’s camera or saved from the gallery), My Eyes Only items (saved images and video), Memories items (videos and photos from your camera’s gallery), Drawings, Videos, or Sketches.

To share a photo or video you’ve taken with the Snapchat app, press down on it once it is visible in this box to bring up its menu options.

From here, tap on “My Eyes Only” if you want to save this photo or video to your phone’s gallery.

This is a great option for sending photos and videos that you don’t want others seeing because it’ll delete these items from Snapchat after they’ve been viewed by the person who receives them!

To add other media, such as an image saved in your camera roll, tap on “Memories” instead.

When you’re done sharing your media, press “Send” at the bottom of your screen to send it over to a friend!  You can only share up to ten photos and videos in one chat as well as any other type of media as mentioned before. If there is more than just what’s shown here, tap on your friend’s name to scroll through everything that has been shared in this chat.

If you want to add a drawing, sketch, or video doodle instead of photos and videos here, simply press down on any photo until these options pop up at the top of your screen.  From there, tap on “Drawing” if you want to add a sketch or “Doodle” if you’d like to draw on your photo.

You can also press down and hold the screen before taking a video here in Snapchat instead of pressing down once for photos!  Just remember that when recording videos, make sure there is enough light where you are using the app from so it doesn’t come out too dark or grainy.

Recording a video in Snapchat is the same as taking one here, but you’ll need to press down and hold on your screen before doing so!  Just remember that this feature will only work if your phone’s light is bright enough where you are using the app for it not to come out too dark or grainy.

8 Create a Story that lasts 24 hours

A 24-hour story starts out as a normal Snapchat Story, but the user has to finish it within a 24 hour period of time.

However, it will still be saved as a Story after the 24 hour period has expired.

The idea behind this is that whoever follows you on Snapchat will have something new to watch for the next 24 hours.

For instance, what if your story is about your day? You can take photos and videos starting from when you wake up to show what you’ve been doing that day!

9 Send Snaps with text messages for more personal conversations (texts)

This increasingly popular app is a good choice if you’re looking to get more personal-like chatty.

Here’s how you can do it!

First, grab your phone and open up the Messages app on it. You can either send a text message or use this app to make a new conversation thread. Next, type in the name of the person you want to text. Alternatively, tap on their name once they pop up in this box for some preset choices.

Once selected, type out what you want to say before pressing “Send”.  You’ll know when your message has been successfully sent out when you see that little blue checkmark.

When someone replies to your text message, you’ll see a counter next to the sent text that shows how many times it has been opened up and read by its recipient!

The nice thing about this app is that you can also send short video clips as well as photos through texts so they won’t have to open up Snapchat to view them.

To do this, tap on “Photo or Video” under the text you want to send before selecting a photo from your camera roll or taking one with your phone’s front-facing camera!  Just remember that both photos and videos can only be viewed once through texts as well as Snaps unless they are saved to your phone.

Another neat feature of this app is that you can send audio clips too!  Just tap on “Audio” under the text box before pressing down and holding to record a voice message for up to ten seconds in length. Once done, press the blue checkmark button at the bottom right corner of your screen to complete it.

10  Your top Snapchat questions answered

Are Snapchat servers down?

In order to find out whether or not Snapchat servers are down, first go to the “Support” section of their website.  There you’ll be able to see if they’re experiencing any problems, as well as how they’re going to resolve them.

If their site is experiencing a major issue that is affecting a large number of users, it will also say so on the home page of the website.

Second, simply go on Twitter and search #snapchatdown. This will bring up tweets from all over the world with people complaining about Snapchat not working for them!

Third, try opening Snapchat and looking at who’s online and who’s active! If you notice that most of your friends aren’t active, then Snapchat servers might be down for you!

If it works and everyone is online and able to use the app, there’s a good chance that Snapchat servers aren’t experiencing any problems or issues at all.

Are Snapchat messages saved?

Snapchat messages are not saved, but rather deleted after they are opened. This is so the person on the other side does not have access to what you sent them.

This includes text messages as well. So if some text came through and it wasn’t saved, you can’t go back and see what it said!

How do you know if someone screenshots your Snapchat?

This is a tricky one to figure out, but there are ways of knowing when this happens! First off, pay attention to the app itself on the other person’s phone.

If they open up Snapchat and it takes longer than usual for them to view their messages, there’s a good chance they took a screenshot!  When someone takes a screenshot of what you sent them, the app will notify you if it detects light/dark shading around your messages.

Another way to know is by looking at their contact card on Snapchat. You’ll see that now when someone screenshots or screen records something from your app, it will show up in their story!  The same thing goes for when you screenshot or screen record something from another person’s app.

Can Snapchat’s location be wrong?

Snapchat’s location feature is not always accurate. Sometimes it may be off by a few miles or so, but the app usually has a good idea of where you are. If you’re not sure, it’s best that you don’t rely on this feature to see your friends list.

How do Snapchat points work?

Snapchat points are given to people who are active on the app.

These points are accumulated through opening snaps, getting streaks, and other actions. The number of points you have will show up next to your username at the top of your friend’s list so you can see how many you have!

You’ll want to use these points wisely though because they expire after a while, so it’s best to save them for when you really need them.

There are several ways in which you can earn more Points within Snapchat, including sending snaps that last long enough for 3 seconds or more to get an extra point! You can also get an extra point just by opening other people’s snaps too.

When do you have to renew your Snapchat subscription?

When you buy a Snapchat subscription plan, it will automatically renew unless you cancel before the time is up.  If your credit card has already been charged when this happens, then there isn’t anything that can be done about it either.

You’ll just have to wait until next month’s trial period in order to cancel it again.

If you’re thinking about opting for a different type of subscription plan, its best that you do so before your trial period ends! That way you won’t have any surprise charges next month when the trial is up and things are automatically renewed.

Should I Snapchat my crush?

This is a tough question to answer!

One thing you should do before posting anything to your crush on social media is finding out how they feel about it. What’s their response to seeing you online on Snapchat? Do they follow you back?

If they seem interested, then proceed with caution! You don’t want them to think of this as an invasion of their privacy. However, if it seems like they’re not interested in what you post, then don’t worry about it and move on.

What are Snapchat Stories?

Snapchat stories are a way of sharing pieces of your life on Snapchat. These can be pictures and videos that you want to show everyone for 24 hours before they disappear without any trace!

You can make these public or private depending on who you choose to share them with (which includes friends, family members, etc).

Where are Snapchat memories?

Snapchat Memories is where any story you’ve seen or recorded is stored.

Simply open inside of the Snapchat app and then tap on “Memories” at the top. From there, you can toggle between public and private memories to view everything.

What are Snapchat trophies?

Trophies show up on your profile page after you complete certain tasks, such as sending a snap that lasts more than one second!

Different types of trophies will be unlocked based on how many points you accumulate within the app. Each trophy has some sort of value for what it means to earn them. A gold trophy is usually worth more than a silver one, for example.

Does Snapchat have a dark mode?

Snapchat does not have a “dark mode” at present, but it is worth noting that there are other ways to make the app more appealing. Many people will turn down the brightness of their phone’s screen or use an app like Twilight that alters the color of your screen into hues of blue and purple.

This also helps a lot when it comes to battery conservation, which is always a plus.

Can I delete my Snapchat contacts?

Yes! If you decide that you want to remove someone from your friend list, then simply tap on their name and hit the “-” button next to them. Then just confirm by tapping on “OK” and that person will now be removed from your list.

When I delete a snap, does it go to my memories?

No! When you send a snap through Snapchat, once it’s been opened by the receiver, it’s destroyed forever. There is no way of retrieving anything sent via this app unless they took a screenshot or picture themselves.

For this reason, it’s very important that you think before you send anything. You won’t be able to take it back! Make sure everyone is okay with what you plan to post and always be careful when sending your personal information (phone number, address, etc).

Is Snapchat hacked?

Unfortunately for many people who use the app, Snapchat has been hacked before.

This is due to the fact that it didn’t take security too seriously when it first started out and wasn’t prepared for an influx of users around the world.

Nowadays, since they’ve had more time to play catch up with other apps like Facebook Messenger or Instagram (which are both owned by the same parent company), it’s a lot more secure.

Is Snapchat worth paying for?

That depends on who you ask! If you’re the type of person that enjoys using special effects, filters, and other things within this app then, yes it might be worth trying out their premium service after your free trial ends.

However, if all you want is the basic features, then you’re probably fine sticking to their free offering.

What is Snapchat Snapstreak?

Snap Streaks are when two friends send Snaps (pictures or videos) back and forth within 24 hours for several days in a row!

To keep track of this without any issues, make sure that your friend has your Snapcode saved to their phone and that you do the same! If they try sending a snap without knowing who it’s going to, the photo or video will not send successfully.

What can I buy on Snapchat?

If you have any points left over from completing offers in the app, then there are some things for sale inside of the “Stores” section.

This is only available when you’re in the right part of your app though, so make sure to head on over there and see what they have to offer! You might find something that interests you =)

Can I use Snapchat offline?

Yes!!  You can still send snaps and chat with people even if you don’t have a data connection or WiFi.

However, it’s important to remember that once your internet comes back on, all of the snaps and chats will get pushed through at that time! There is no way for you to go in and look at them beforehand unless someone screenshots them while they were offline =)


If you’re looking for a way to make your life easier, then take the time to learn how to use Snapchat like a pro.

The 10 tips I’ve provided are tried and true ways of getting what you want out of this app while staying safe at the same time!

Whether it’s something as simple as saving on data by using their offline mode or creating Snapstreaks with friends–follow my guide and get started today!

Snap me @ scmission


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