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Mind News
There is a form of therapy which is, right now, in most countries of the world, illegal but which stands to become a dominant way of doing therapy over the coming years and may be the principal route by which many people will heal from their traumas. Sign up to our mailing list to receive ...
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Mind News
Darwin liked to say he had thought of calling his book “the Ascent of Man” – but that that would suggest some idea of progress. Rather what he wanted to do was show that despite the obvious technical advances of past centuries modern people were still at the same moral level, perhaps slightly worse, ...
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Mind News
The human mind between the ages of one and ten is infinitely attuned to its environment. A somewhat cold forbidding father an erratic mother really may be all that are required to breed an elevated degree of anxiety or self-hatred that colours the next eight decades.
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Mind News
It sounds really strange to speak of the upsides of being ill. Surely there are only downsides?
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Mind News
One of the more curious aspects of the ways we are built is that it can take a very long time indeed to work out what we need in order to be happy.
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Mind News
However healthy it often is to try to fit in and assume we must just be like everyone else, there are also benefits in sometimes accepting that we might in the end not be and this needn’t be a cause of concern shame.
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Mind News
Part of the pain of growing older is that we can start to see how much, at certain points, we misunderstood ourselves, what the costs of missing self-knowledge were and how beautiful it could be if we could just build ourselves a time machine and go back and correct all our mistakes.
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Mind News
It’s an embarrassing confession, but many of spend a great deal of our lives asking, week after week, always with the same blend of frustration, despair and puzzlement: Why am I so lonely? The real answer is likely to be far less punitive and in its way far more logical…
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Mind News
One of the most useful realisations we might come to about ourselves is that we are ‘paranoid.’
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Mind News
We’re unlucky enough if we meet with people who want to do wrong, show us contempt and take advantage of us. But this is as nothing next to the monumental bad luck of encountering people who do all this to us also being extremely skilled at pretending that they aren’t.
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