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Michael Gets A Home

Michael (not his real name) came to us from Texas via Louisiana where he was born and raised.

He grew up on his Dad’s fishing boat, but was displaced after Hurricane Katrina and made a move to drier climes and ended up working in the Oilfields in the Texas Panhandle.

After the recent drop in oil, he found himself homeless once again and made his way to our fine town where he has been for the last few months, either sleeping outside or in our emergency shelter.

Christina, our case worker was recently able to get him into some HUD housing and he found a part-time job so things are starting to look up a bit for him once again.

He also took some of our financial management life skills classes to help him better manage his income.

Last year, we placed around 15 folks in HUD housing (5 of whom were Veterans); the most recent person being Ivan, who with assistance from funds from the Salvation Army was able pay off some back rent and get back into HUD.

Our case worker is also dealing very closely with the HMS Linkages program who really seem to be on the ball and are able to place folks pretty quick.  But as with all government entities, there is an application that takes around an hour and a half to fill out and those applying really appreciate the little bit of extra help that Christy provides as she help them fill it out.

We are still seeking a building to be used as a more permanent men’s transitional shelter and we’d also like a small place to place homeless families until we can arrange housing for them.

And once we do find a spot, we will need the funds to manage and staff it full-time, but if it is close enough to the Mission, we will be able to provide meals and clothing there.

Our primary focus is in getting anyone who is homeless housed as soon as possible and all of it is possible because of your support.

Thank you Silver City for helping those in need!

You can read more stories like this in my book Stories And Recipes From The Soup Kitchen, available on Amazon

And you can visit the Silver City Gospel Mission at


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