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Life In The Slow Lane

Jimmy was happy he had finally made it to the warm climate in the land of manyana.

He considered himself a professional bum.

The Eastern shores had turned out too cold and crowded to survive so he headed West in pursuit of easier pickings.

He was from a small suburb in New Jersey and had remembered watching an old movie about life in New Mexico and how all of the people were able to sleep in the warm sun after lunch and pick fruits from the abundant orchards to eat.

He was glad he had finally made it, but by the time he finally made it down to the small town of Silver City, he was pretty fed up with the lack of fruit, sun and siestas.

His visions of buzzing bees, cigarette trees and soda water fountains had all but evaporated and he was serious about trying to improve his lot.

Unfortunately, during his travels he had picked up some rather bad addictions and was unable to really start improving anything until he had a cleaner slate.

Luckily, we were able to get in a rehab on the Eastern edge of the State and we wish him luck and hope that this will help him get back on his feet.

At any given time 3-5% of the people we see are homeless by choice.  They enjoy the freedom it gives them, the life on the road and the so-called carefree existence.

It’s not an easy life and it’s not for everyone, but I do at times envy their lack of responsibility until I hear about some of the real trouble they end up in.

We continue to help these guys and welcome them with open arms because I think that they are sometimes the people who really need the most help and everyone needs a friendly ear every once in awhile on their journey to the land of Manyana.

You can read more stories like this in my book Stories And Recipes From The Soup Kitchen, available on Amazon

And you can visit the Silver City Gospel Mission at


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