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How To Do The Dynamic Meditation Of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

A Guide For Beginners

Wild Wild Country, a compelling Netflix docuseries, explores the Byzantine saga of an American commune that moved into an isolated rural Oregon town and got tangled up in all sorts of criminal activity.

He was known for his unconventional forms of spirituality, primarily known for encouraging free sexual activity.

One of their practices that many have become interested in is ‘Dynamic Meditation.’

Dynamic meditation is a form of practice that involves moving your body while meditating.

The trademarked style known as OSHO Dynamic Meditation was created to move stagnant energies and break conditioned patterns in our bodies and minds. It involves rapid breathing, accompanied by wild movements and shouting, followed by relaxation. It takes an hour to complete the entire practice.

The dynamic meditation of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is a powerful way to clear your mind, connect with yourself and find inner peace. It can be a little intimidating for beginners, however. In this guide, we will walk you through each step to do it correctly and get the most out of it.

1 Deep, fast, chaotic, breathing

Breathing chaotically and deeply for 10 minutes through the nose. The body can move with the breath.

Chaos is good. There is no system to be applied. Just breathe in and out quickly.

Forget everything else except for the breathing.

Breathing is a tool for working with energy. You create an energetic field that works wonders when breathing deeply and chaotically. It will help you get rid of your repressed emotions. Breathing has helped to suppress them, so only by breathing can they be released

2 Playfully act out all your madness

Explode with intense movements and sounds for 10 minutes, holding nothing back.

Remember that you have much madness inside you. You already know that. That’s why you’re so scared.

Let it go!

If you want to shout, shout. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to jump, jump. If you want to sing, sing. If you want to be like a child, playing with your body, doing jumping jacks, dancing, screaming, then go ahead and do it. Please don’t be serious about it. Play lightly. 

If you’re serious, you can’t be free. Be playful.

Have fun with the madness that is coming from you. Help it, enjoy, and cooperate with it.

If you’re interested in going beyond the madness, this is the best way. When your rage is unleashed, you will feel free; you will feel weight­less. You will feel a sense of newness enter into you as if your child­hood has returned. You’re again a child: newborn. Fresh.

Freshness is essential; innocence is fundamental if you’re going to move forward.

3 Jump continuously shouting “Hoo”

Jump up and down, raise your arms over your head, and chant “hoo-hoo-hoo” for 10 minutes.

You have to say, “Hoo! Hoo! “Hoo!” loudly, forcefully, bringing your total energy into it as if your entire life is at stake. For 10 minutes, you have to scream, yell, and shout, “Hoo!” Hoo!…”

What is this “Hoo” going to do?

It will do two things. When you shout “Hoo!” you expel all the air from your lungs. The louder you shout, the better.

Let out your breath entirely by exhaling with the sounds. It creates a space within you for something new. Sex energy can move upwards. The “Hoo” is to help sexual energy to move upward. When you say “hoo,” your sex center contracts, your breath goes out, and there is a space created inside you just near your sex center. Sex energy can move up from the lower chakras to the upper ones.

These first three steps should be done with such energy and force that nothing remains behind. You’re not holding back anything; you’re totally into it.

4 Stop. Freeze precisely where you are

Stay in one position for 15 minutes and observe. Don’t move, don’t do anything.

If you have your hand raised when I call you to stop, or your timer goes off, stop right then and there. 

The moment you hear my voice, feel as if you’re no longer alive, as if you’ve become a stone, an inert object. Don’t move, don’t cry. No noise, no movement.

Suddenly it is to be as if everyone has become dead. Even if you fall, If you are standing and your posture is such that you cannot remain that way, don’t make any adjustments with your body; just let the body fall. But don’t help it to fall.

Don’t make any changes to your body or move in any way.

It is vital that this stopping and becoming as still as a statue is understood. If your posture is terrible, if you feel it’s troublesome inconvenient, your body can trick you into thinking it’s not good.

Just because, I as the leader am not present to see it, you assume that you can change your body position and become comfortable. Then, you have misunderstood the point. Don’t do anything at all. When I say, “Stop!” or your timer goes off, stop all movements immediately.

5 Celebrate and rejoice through dance

Celebrate by moving to music for 15 minutes.

Express your gratitude for everything by celebrating and rejoicing with music and dance. Be happy all day long.

You have to be in a joyful state of mind. All your life energy should be flowing, laughing, and singing. Don’t try to fight with it; celebrate life!

To celebrate, you will transcend and become the winner.

Meditation is cathartic. We’re purging our minds of negative thoughts and emotions. 

After you’ve gone through a catharsis, you need to dance sing. Catharsis is a negative emotion, and you need to purify yourself.

When you are ready to go deeper into meditation, clear your mind, and feel deep gratitude for everything. Dissolve into the song and the dance. When the singer has vanished, and only the singing remains, you have entered true happiness and peace.


Remember to follow these steps for a full practice of dynamic mediation:

  • Deep, fast, chaotic, breathing
  • Playfully act out all your madness
  • Jump continuously with your hand in the air, shouting “Hoo”
  • Stop. Freeze precisely where you are
  • Celebrate and rejoice through dance

The dynamic meditation of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is a powerful way to purify your mind and emotions and celebrate life. It can be a little challenging at first, but with practice, you will be able to let go entirely and rejoice in the joy of being alive!



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