How To Build A 3-Month Food Supply

How To Build A 3-Month Food Supply

How To Build A 3-Month Food Supply

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Food security concerns have been gaining momentum recently and more people are interested in improving their food supplies. The idea of building three-month food supply is an ideal place to start. This article provides measurable steps for building 3-month food stores with only a few simple steps.

Let me explain the 3-month food supply and how to make the essential components of food storage plans. The food supply for three months represents a temporary food store. It contains nonperishable products that you would typically eat.

Tips for Maintaining a Balanced 3-Month Food Supply

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Regarding healthy food, it’s always good practice to have fruit, vegetables, meat, and food. However, some foods in this category would not survive that long. In planning a health-promoting food supply, the next best option must be to ensure a steady supply.

If you have fruit, vegetables, or meat, you will have the best choice when fresh is frothed and canned first. How can frozen foods help the digestive system? How do we make healthy food choices from frozen foods? During the freeze, the nutritional and vitamin contents remain intact.

Make a plan!

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Okay okay. I admit my hunger is terrible. My family believes that a full pantry is a security. Moreover, it is good tasting. Knowing your food stock, you can create wholesome dishes without breaking the bank.

In the city, keeping three-month supplies can become essential, even if you want to avoid paying thousands of dollars to go to a supermarket! And when it comes to unpredictable disasters, such as a crisis or unexpected outbreak, a properly stocked pantry can be a lifesaver.

Stay prepared!

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Our main goal is to help people prepare for emergencies through necessary equipment and accompanying family plans. We aim to help you learn about gardening, keeping your harvest, and utilizing the right herb daily.

We’ve worked very hard to prepare all the relevant details. So you’ll be able to do everything you need for yourself without spending much of your time. Most families can easily find a book with some creative ideas in it. In addition, the process is an exciting and meaningful journey. Going beyond 3 months of food supply

Once your food supply has been built over the last three months, you can gradually start working toward implementing a long-term food storage system. It’s easy to do that by shopping for a couple more weekly items. I can buy fresh fruit once a week. Next week I’ll be buying canned soup.

I suggest buying more olive oil or canned meat. Besides buying canned and packaging supplies, I often buy foods that last at least 12 months for long-term storage. These include dried beans, rice, freeze-dried foods, and dry foods.

Plans with Cans

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However, doubling our fresh produce supply is no option when we use our regular fridge/freezer combo. In such cases, canned items should work well. When choosing canned foods for health, remember exactly where the product will be stored. Avoid the use or consumption of artificial colors or preservatives.

Make sure the containers are made of good quality material. Avoid products containing BPA, which may cause harm. Nutritionists have found pumpkin, beans, and black olives to be the best-canned foods in the average grocery market.

3 Month Food Supply vs. Long-Term Food Storage

We’ll see how different 3-month food supplies and longer-term food storage areas are. 3-month short-term food supplies differ from longer-term food supplies and are much more enjoyable! Long-term storage is stored in a container lasting from 3-months to one year / more.

It’s difficult to “digest” long-term food stored because it often involves MREs and military-type meals that are simply disgusting. These foods have long shelf lives; if they go bad 3 years from now, I’ll throw them away.

Budget for a three-month food supply

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Plan the buying process. Invest monthly to improve your pantry. It could be as simple as investing $10 a month into preparing a 3-month diet. You can spend more on groceries, not even the minimum you should.

My wife does everything very quickly. While shopping, she buys what she usually buys, then doubles the sum for our three-month supply. She adds a couple of extra food storage cans when she takes one can of Corn. She called it “a trick at the moment, another trick in the future.”

The power of the Pantry: The workhorse of your long-term food storage

Picture this scene: You leave after an intense work day on Friday. You’re tired of late work, making shopping hard for you. Eventually, you have to eat something. You do not remember anything from home on the counter or the refrigerator.

When you have a well-stocked larder, you don’t have to think about meal prep. Just go home and pick something out that is easy to open and prepare.

Include frozen foods in your food storage plan

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Whenever planning for long-term storage plans, I usually concentrate on shelf-stable food that my family eats frequently. When we are preparing for three months, I also prefer incorporating frozen food.

There may be risks in using frozen foods because it could ruin everything that’s stored in your refrigerator if a power failure occurs. In the long run, storing food is worth the investment. A power outage is rare, but your freezer must be kept shut as long as a power outage allows.

A 3-Month Food Supply Helps You by:

Wait! How long does a food store last before they begin preparing? Absolutely! They don’t necessarily belong to each other. Long-term foods stored in the pantry and three days of pantry supplies work for hands in hand, like cheese and crackers, beans and rice.

Choose the right things. In the food storage area, consider the simple necessities. You must purchase food and supplies to sustain the family for long periods. Granted, you’ll get them from food over the next three months.

Preparing Better

Please list what your family consumes daily and split it into separate categories. Divide them among breakfast, meal, dinner, and, if necessary, snacks. Remember that eating healthy is the best. How does it work? Try not to eat before 9 p.m. It makes it hard for the body for the digestion to work at night.

Please be very specific about the ingredient and their proportions. Tell me the amount of food a week I need. It helps keep your 3-month feed supply under control and reduces the waste of money. It would help if you remembered that milk is not a drink.

Planning better

Make a plan to acquire food supplies that will last for three months. Make monthly allowances to expand your prepared pantry. Make a plan to rotate the goods you want. Keep rotating food containers regularly in preparation.

Please write down your anticipated expiration dates for your products to keep them on the top of your list. It eliminates waste. It is essential to organize and prepare. Nobody can say they’ve grown prepared if they don’t plan on purchasing food.

Eating better

Download our Three Month supply sheet for everyday pantry items. Keep everything in check. See what items still need to become okay. Look for a quick guide on the date of expiration. Show your shortcomings. Keep track of the goods you bought but have yet to consume.

When planning your food, it is crucial to find out why. This also means minimizing food waste. Remember to save food for everyone who eats it! There’s a need for a good mentality here.

Maintaining a 3 Month Food Supply

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Once a food storage system is in place, the storage is essential for the next two months. I find it easier to add something to my grocery list every time. If someone opened a coffee can, they immediately added coffee to their grocery list. I’ll make it, despite the existence of maybe some of my empty cups of tea.

Remember that you must always store a minimum of 3 months of food. It also happens in small things like canned foods. Cans of tomatoes are always on my wishlist for this week.

It’s the working supply of your food storage.

A clean pantry, a three-month meal plan, and a well-prepared meal plan are essential to your families and community. What affects your environment? Having a three-month planned food supply helps reduce food waste and has no negative impact on your daily life.

USDA estimates about 30% of food waste is eliminated every day. You can contribute to the world’s livability by implementing a yearly food plan that provides three months to the world’s population.

How to start a 3-month food supply?

Starting can seem as simple as buying a can of ‘This’ and an additional can of ‘This’ every time a customer goes shopping. Half of our problems involve planning food and learning how to prepare food.

Whatever you choose, the foods are crucial and must contain the foods your family will eat. In recent years prices have increased dramatically in supermarkets – especially when we need groceries. How do I quickly identify which stores have cheaper groceries?


Generators provide an excellent alternative source of electric energy for emergencies, including short power outages. When you have electricity outages lasting over 24 hours, having an engine with a couple of hundred pounds will help. The generator is more efficient, easier to carry, and easier to store than solar panels.

We love generators such as Honda EU2000i Inverter Generators. Click to compare prices from Amazon. My husband has an electric Honda generator which he loves! It has an expansion capacity meaning your power will double when you connect it with the Honda EU2 200ic companion. It will give you up to 3000 Watts of power.

Gossner U.H.T. Milk

GESSNER UHST is a high-temperature milk containing the vitamins and minerals typical for pasteurized milk and is ready for consumption. It is not possible to put anything preservative in. Gossner Milk is processed with optimum heat and is stored to preserve its shelf life without requiring refrigeration until sealed packages are opened.

Gossner’s milk provides an excellent alternative to powdered milk for storing food for extended periods. It is stamped “Best by Date,” 6 months or even longer! However, containers without openings have a shelf-life of up to a year or more!

Store frozen foods

Store frozen food. Is it possible that the power goes down in a disaster scenario? An electric power interruption could damage the food frozen in the fridge or freezer over several days unless power is available. You should freeze your food for at least three days in your freezer for several reasons.

First, frozen foods are used in short-term storage for a greater selection of foods you can consume frequently. It’s important because most people will probably add frozen foods or refrigeration products to their diet.

Canning food

Storing canned items is difficult. FIFO (first in, first out) methods may cause disorganization in handling canned foods. It is beneficial to have a good canned food organizer or rotating rack as an aid. The can rotator is cheap, but the operation is good, so FIFO is accessible.

This DecoBros stackable can rack organizer can be viewed at It’ll be $20 per rack if you buy a couple. They can have adjustable plastic partitioning that allows for different sizes. It stores a maximum of 36 cans based on the number of cans.

Solar panels

photovoltaic system, solar, solar energy

Recently I have experienced power outages and have come across several viable options for freezing foods and other essential goods which demand power and require power. A good choice would be solar panels that generate the energy necessary to run frozen goods during prolonged power outages.

Solar power from the smallest solar panels produces between 250 and 300 watts per hour. The refrigerator has several solar panels at the start of the freezer.

Foods that you already keep in your cupboards and pantry

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This can include anything you keep in your pantry and consume regularly. The shocking reality of two-week or 3-month food supplies is that most nonperishable foods can easily be stored in your storage plan if you use or rotate the food supplies.

Tell me about the food you cannot live on. Make it on your list gradually so you can buy more every time you’re in a retail store. Make sure you create the best way to rotate the food to ensure it is used before it gets bad.

Freeze-dried foods

Freeze-dry food is an excellent way to store food for every occasion. Cold-dried foods keep longer and retain nutrition better than conventional foods.

Freeze-dried foods retain 87% of their original nutrients, dehydrated foods only include 60% of their original nutrients, while canned foods only have 40%.

Helpful ideas to add to your 3-month food supply list

Please keep it in an air-tight container for long-lasting storage; keep it clean. Find out about oxygen-absorbing containers for foods. This article is included just because the products are easy to store. However, this involves building regular three-month meals you have already eaten and are enjoying! We’re working on compiling this list of our favorite foods. What foods will be best for long-term storage?

Dehydrated Foods

fruit dehydrated, apple, fruit

Keeping dehydrated foods in storage will make the snacking process last for many years when properly stored. Dehydrating ripened fruits or vegetables.

We dehydrate our onion seeds, keep them in a Mylar Bag, and then put them on our meals every night. The use of dehydrators is very worthwhile! Tell me the suitable Dehydration Machine and how you can buy it.

Include meals, ingredients, and food that you regularly eat – Track Your Meals Method

It is so helpful to track your meals! It allows tracking what you eat before it gets broken into the ingredients; add it in a month or two. The best thing is that this approach may have specific needs. How do three-month food supplies work? It will make you plan the best food for three months!


Our family frequently visits Gossner Foods and enjoys their milk in our food and drinks. No worries about a problem since we regularly drink and rotate a Gossner Milk container. After opening the containers, you must refrigerate your milk which should last as long as the usual pasteurized milk.

Rotate the food on your shelves and in your pantry

Depending upon the food you buy, you will quickly realize that you also need additional food or reusable containers to be identified. This can be dealt with by having a simple FIFO system that works.

All new food products will be on the back of the shelves, and the old goods will go into the back to be used first. So simple. Create an itinerary to rotate your items. Use it and turn your food storage regularly.

Add non-food items to your stockpile list.

The main goal should be to store the food your regular diet contains and build up a 3-month supply of items other than food.

Lastly, focus your time on your daily routine. Here is another example of how to find items in the house you’d have to worry about if you run out. It’s simple to find a few things every week if you go out to the local grocery store.

Start building a 3-month food supply.

As mentioned earlier, three months are no longer considered long-term dietary storage; however, they can provide breathing room for your plans. I’ll even go over the whole thing to help you build your emergency food supply soon.

Starting with one month’s worth of food storage

Starting somewhere will give you peace of mind and give you some comfort. Also, storing enough food at home is something to do without much hassle if the family needs more resources to keep it.

While the article is about creating a prepping pantry, make a first goal of keeping one month of food in the pantry. The same principles should be followed throughout this article to construct short-term food storage systems.

Foundational aspects of long-term food storage

Before storing food, you will need a few primary considerations. These simple suggestions can be applied to any type and size of food storage, short and long.

Building a Short-Term Supply of Everyday Foods

It is now time to make a kitchen-ready pantry. Let’s start working together to create your perfect plan. When planning an emergency store of food, you must keep in mind the following:

Tiffany’s Super Simple Plan – Part Math – Part Menu

Tiffany is an active professional who also has a young daughter. The family lives in hot conditions without a garage. The meal is quick, and they eat out daily. After reviewing their lifestyles, they formulated a plan that creatively combined basic mathematics with a menu plan.

They were primarily concerned about the health of their baby’s diet. She got 90 days of supplies and used simple calculations. Fat is a significant part of toddlers’ food, so shelf-stable milk is safer than non-fat powdered milk. The woman also had three months of baby vitamin D. Breakfast consists of warm or cold cereals. Simple math leaves them without much trouble.

Betty’s Box-a-Week Plan

Betty had a great plan, and it was perfect for her family. She keeps shelf-stable ingredients inside a labeled office bag that contains breakfast and dinner ingredients for one week. Besides the iPhone boxes, they are pretty useful for storing data.

Packages contain carefully labeled individual items and dates. She’ll know exactly how many foods they give her by counting their contents. She is careful to take all ingredients used in another dish. The boxes are well placed over one another in unusual spaces. Rotation is easy. She puts it in a storage bag. It’s filled with fresh supplies and labeled.

Simplest Plan Yet – No Math

I use another variation. It is not letting the man know that the engineer is good at maths! He thought that was an absurdity. However, it works for girls who are not very interested in numbers a good deal. The need for storage is significant in this plan.

Over time, you develop an idea of how much food you eat. Storage must have a very well-organized layout separating it into various general categories. For example, each type has permanently labeled homes within the pantry. Labels may be placed around the shelf of some products from the categories to which the product belongs.

Meals in a Jar

I like Chef Tess, sometimes nicknamed Stephanie Peterson. She published a book entitled The Meals in a Jar Handbook. The plan may suit your busy schedule. Tess provides a menu to prepare breakfasts, desserts, and dinners for four to six people. The dry ingredients are put into a quart jar and sealed with the oxygen absorber.

The containers remain shelf-stable five to 10 years later. You may spend a few hours making your dinner jar, but this investment is worthwhile once dinner is approaching! It is simple to make up for the quantity you have prepared.

It’s in the Bag – Fast Food Storage

The bag is one of the best ways to build 3 month supplies. It’s a fantastic way for a busy household to reduce daily time and effort. Several meals are packed with ingredients in reusable gift boxes, and the instructions are printed on the back of the bags. You grab your food and wait 30 min later to have dinner.

In three months, a shipment will need 80 bags of food & beverages. So simple! Gather the most popular recipes and print a copy. Usually, you get one copy every time you eat it. Place recipes in the CD sleeve on the inside of the bag.

Healthy Harvest

We use a health-focused harvest plan and an eating plan Jon created on an Excel spreadsheet. It will require substantial time and effort and will be difficult for everyone. It’s a healthy way of accessing our food supply.

Our garden consists mainly of fruit trees and grapevines. Some of our birds are raised to produce fresh eggs. It is taken and stored in our root cellar. We combined all this excellent fruit and vegetable with quinoa, rice, beans, pasta, and bread that we have on hand for the next two years.

Menu for two weeks

Make a two-week food plan. Tell me, what is the most popular family meal? McDonald’s offers no options, so you can’t include it as one or both! Select menus based on shelf-stable ingredients.

The idea of using frozen foods may work well. However, wisdom dictates that most ingredients are made from shelf-safe and easy-to-use materials. Utilizing a family favorite, give me the following example. Spaghetti topped with meatballs and salad makes an excellent dinner – especially after slicing a piece of cheesecake.

Plain Old Math

It’s just mathematically derived. This is hard. This means 90 meals and a snack option, 90 meals and snacks, 90 fruits/vegetables/savory and, of course, 900 food items. A healthy supply of basic things is essential.

The idea here is to store all the things that our family eats every day. The same would happen to an eight-person family.

Designer plans for building a 3-month food supply

Do not squirm. Even elephants are delicious when we take small steps. Please take a few minutes to relax before we begin examining how our friends made their everyday pantry complete. Those with special needs will have different storage solutions to fit their needs.


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