You are currently viewing Here Are 25 Amazing And Interesting Japanese Vending Machines You Have Never Seen

Here Are 25 Amazing And Interesting Japanese Vending Machines You Have Never Seen

Japan is a culture where convenience has genuinely become an art form.

What is your favorite Japanese food?

I love sushi and ramen, but what if you want something different than that? Well, worry no more because Japan has some of the most amazing Japanese vending machines for all your needs.

These Japanese jukeboxes are stocked with anything you could ever want, from water to noodles to coffee!

Read on as we explore 25of the best Japanese vending machines around.

The drink dispenser is one Japanese vending machine that is very common in many places like schools and hospitals.

This Japanese vending machine has a selection of water, tea, coffee, and other soda drinks, including Japanese energy drinks such as Pocari Sweat (a Japanese sports drink).

Many people use this Japanese vending machine to get energy drinks before jogging or playing sports, as this drink is known for its hydration abilities.

This Japanese vending machine may look like a jukebox, but it dispenses hot ramen instead of music! It has many flavors and can even be customized to your food preferences.

It then heats the ramen and spits out a steaming hot bowl of noodles in just 30 seconds!

This one processes recycled garbage into a unique paper product called Konpokuto, which means “smart-paper.”

The Japanese smart paper, also called Konpokuto, is made using a pulp mixture that includes 25% post-consumer waste and 75% virgin fiber. The paper is available in various weights and widths, depending on your preference.

This machine contains varieties of vegetable seeds, all pre-packaged for sale with just the amount you need to grow at home.

This one is unique because it dispenses japanése snacks like Pocky and Pretz and American snack foods like Cheetos!

This vending machine is found at many hospitals and schools because it is a great way to have clean, sterile utensils ready on hand in case of an emergency or accident, especially if someone is food allergic.

This one dispenses tampons, pads, and pantyliners, making it the perfect machine for women during their everyday lives! It also has a variety of sanitary products, including disposable underpants, so that you can stay protected.

This one has a selection of healthy (and delicious) snacks like dried squid and edamame beans, including some less-healthy options like chocolate bars or chips.

This one has over 100 supplements, including medicines, vitamins, and other health products like collagen for anti-aging care.

This machine has a variety of snacks, but it also includes hot items like onigiris (rice balls with seaweed wrapped around them) or deep-fried shrimp!

This one has ties, ties for business people. The ties come in all different colors and sizes, or you can also get suspenders and bowties so you can work with all sorts of dress codes!

This machine sells chicken eggs, but you can get duck and quail too!

Another one sells everything from underwear to socks and even has some cute animal panties! You can get schoolgirl uniforms or bunny ears, too, if the mood strikes.

This machine is a little different than the rest as it only sells bread! Customers can choose between over 20 types of bread, including soy, milk, and gluten-free options. It makes it suitable for people with allergies or gluten intolerances.

There’s a bug in my Japanese Vending Machine!

A unique product from Japan is the “jibu-mat” (vending insect), where you can buy live insects. Insects are a common source of protein in Japan, and many people enjoy them as part of their diet.

Another one sells shirts with various prints that run up the entire shirt length, including long sleeves or short sleeves, and includes patterns like waves, skulls, stripes, stars, octopuses, and even camouflage prints!

There is one that has a selection of games, including racing, shooting, and puzzle games. In addition to games, you can also get accessories like controllers and memory cards.

Another one sells traditional Japanese items, including kimonos, obi sashes that tie around the waist to hold up your pants or dress, hakama pants, and more!

This one is excellent for students who need to study karate or judo late at night because it includes all the equipment you could ever want, like punching bags, protective gear (including face masks), uniforms, gloves, pads, etc.

This vending machine doesn’t have many products, but it does provide some staples like toothpaste and shampoo.

There is one that has a variety of items, including sanitary pads, snacks, hair accessories like clips, and headbands for women. Not to mention there are also some cute products like false eyelashes or nail stickers!

This machine dispenses puppies and kittens. A unique gift for kids or animal lovers!

This machine has bananas, apples, and oranges. In addition, there is a selection of candy, toys, and household items like electrical tape or hot pads!

This Japanese vending machine sells different types of gloves, including cycling gloves or snowboarding too!

Yet another one has a wide variety of products, including sweets like marshmallows or chocolate biscuits and items like USB cables, phone cases for smartphones, and more!

Japan is a unique culture and a fantastic place full of vending machines that sell all sorts of items.

They are numerous and, as we have seen, cover a vast selection of food and products.


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