A Special Connection

How will I know you when I find you? and how will you know me? How will you show me that you are beginning to be mysteriously attracted to me? A person is able to feel that special connection even at our first meeting but how do you feel when you know that it is real? You might try to resist being drawn into my future but the fact that day is day and night is night means that you might be drawn from the darkness into a light. A pure light that warms instead of burning that begins at…

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Waves Of Pleasure

Have you ever headed home from a hard day at work and all the way there you're thinking you want nothing more than this: a hot shower or bath to soak in... Maybe you imagine dropping all your clothing and sliding into that liquid pleasure to soak away the tension and fatigue of a rotten day. Then comes that moment - you're standing there with steam rising from the tub you can imagine the heat working its way into you imagine every part of your body relaxing with that warm release. You pause to anticipate the feeling then with a…

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Don’t Be Mine

If you will be my unvalentine I promise you: no romance, no drama no urgency, no trauma no quizzes, no tests No greed, no need. Share instead we can long slow holding sweet close breathing whispered words and open talk poetry, respect and honesty. No rules, no roles no pressure, sweet pressure just get to know me, and let me learn to be your lover.

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The Sunset

I don't know if you can imagine looking out over the ocean at a gorgeous sunset the clouds growing with an internal fire that seems to be spreading on down to the golden, molten, center of the sun. And as it sinks into the horizon in the distance, on the beach three friends walk along the edge between water and world at the junction of twilight and night. Three gulls soar upward lifted by the warm onshore breeze, three waves in slow procession wash away your thoughts of today - replacing them with the memory of two fingertips touching your…

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Real Men Don’t Walk Poodles

I was downtown yesterday and saw a big, mean, gruff-looking biker dude walking a small, manicured poodle by a leash and it just struck me as somehow out-of-whack. But I got to thinking about it and realized it was just my own preconceived prejudices that were probably to blame. Why couldn't he walk that poodle.  Isn't it OK to have a dog.  Maybe his wife or sweetheart asked him to.  Or maybe he had promised a now-deceased friend that he would look after it after they were gone. It's funny how we can stereotype things, people and ideas. Take a…

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The Search For Meaning

In ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’, Viktor Frankl wrote that doing something to help others brings more meaning and joy to your life. When people start helping down here at the Mission, I’ve noticed that their lives have become richer and fuller because they have taken on more meaning as they learned to selflessly give to others. And I do notice these changes for the better daily in both our staff and volunteers. So I think we are on the right path. Statistics for last year show that You (our friends and neighbors in Silver City) fed 35,261 hungry souls in…

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A Letter From A Widow

I recently received a letter from a very nice woman who is going through some tough times, that I thought I’d share with you.This can be very discouraging work sometimes.  Many times, it seems like we are taking two steps back for every one step forward, but occasionally we do see a ray of hope.Dear Mr. Salars;Recently I lost my husband and best friend to cancer and am hurting in ways that are indescribable.  My days are spent working full time.  My nights are spent doing homework and taking care of two small children.  I don’t have shared duties with…

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The Story Of Homeless Tom

While cleaning up our donation sorting room the other day, we ran across an old cowboy hat which I’m sure belonged to ‘Homeless Tom.’ I haven’t seen him around for quite a few years, but I remember him well.  Tall and lanky with his cowboy hat pushed back on his head and his glasses fitting crookedly across his nose. He hailed from somewhere in Texas, lived in a tent behind Boston Hill and was waiting at the Mission door each morning when we opened and loved to come in and demonstrate his cowboy cooking skills. He liked to say, ‘This…

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Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Or The Mindset Of Champions

James came in the other day and wanted to volunteer so I asked him if he could bag some food for the food pantry and gave him a list of food and quantities to go in each bag. Simple, or so I thought. When I returned awhile later to check on his progress, I found that he wasn’t following the list and didn’t quite understand my instructions. In cases like this I always wonder if I hadn’t explained myself properly or maybe I should have demonstrated exactly how I wanted it done. And James is a pretty smart guy, but…

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Michael Gets A Home

Michael (not his real name) came to us from Texas via Louisiana where he was born and raised. He grew up on his Dad’s fishing boat, but was displaced after Hurricane Katrina and made a move to drier climes and ended up working in the Oilfields in the Texas Panhandle. After the recent drop in oil, he found himself homeless once again and made his way to our fine town where he has been for the last few months, either sleeping outside or in our emergency shelter. Christina, our case worker was recently able to get him into some HUD…

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