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Angels In Human Form

We see a variety of folks down here at the Mission, both volunteering and needing our help.  People of all colors, religions, political inclinations, ages and sexes.

And occasionally a few come through that I can only think of as angels in human form.

People who are so loving, natural and internally beautiful that they shine their love wherever they go.

They light up any room they are in with their smile, laughter and kindness and others are drawn to them as they are drawn to the light of a single candle in a dark room.

One such person is volunteer Wanda Cook.  A very beautiful soul who has been with us since I started.  She runs our front food pantry and shows up rain or shine day after day.

She also buys items out of her own pocket that we may be needing and faithfully gives of her income each week and provides encouragement to all she comes into contact with.

Recently, I asked her advice on how we can we can be more like Christ and let our light shine and she gave me a few tips.

  • Turn the other cheek when we are attacked
  • Be kind to our enemies
  • Wish good to all
  • Keep our word in spite of the fact that it costs us dearly to do so
  • Treat all people the same, no matter how rich or poor they are
  • Love your neighbor as yourself

I’m trying to follow her advice a little more, but I have difficulties on some days and my wings will probably have to wait until I’m no longer on this earth.

Until then, though let us all try and let our light shine a little bit more.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.
~ Matthew 5:16

You can read more stories like this in my book Stories And Recipes From The Soup Kitchen, available on Amazon

And you can visit the Silver City Gospel Mission at


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