Hey friends, I’m Randy.  A Christian.  A Conservative.  A Father & Grandfather.  A Marine.  A Copywriter.  A Web Developer.  A Survivalist.  A Hopeless Romantic.  An Adventurer.  A Trouble-Shooter And Problem-Solver. A Treasure Hunter.  And A Storyteller.

On this site, I provide alternative (non-mainstream and eyewitness) news sources to help you think for yourself and write interesting stories and articles to help you live a healthier, wealthier, happier and more loving life.

While I may not be an intellectual I do have some pretty good common sense and a lot of experience in this life in many different areas (which you can read more about in my LinkedIn profile).

Thanks for dropping by!

~ Randy Salars


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Daily video updates for survival, health, wealth, love, and happiness

Survival Into The 21st Century
Browse all of my prepping and survival playlists and survival articles and stories from old websites I have had in the past; including topics like prepping, survival gardening, bushcraft, homesteading, hunting, trapping, fishing, foraging, and self-defense

Body, mind, and spirit, including strength, flexibility, endurance, diet, and alternative medical

How to make, keep and invest your money, including pages on money, gold, silver, and precious metals, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, investments and trading, side hustle ideas and methods, flipping or arbitrage, affiliate marketing, and sales

❤️Sex, Drugs, Love, And Rock & Roll
(What can I say?  I’m a 60’s child 🙂
Women’s love advice, men’s love advice, romance, and sex

How to feel joy, inspiration, motivation, and success

My thoughts on a wide variety of topics, including adventure and travel, coding, education, entertainment, beauty and fashion, gaming, history, mind, spirit, technology, and treasure hunting

Some of my Things like:

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Etymology of words

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Quotes from some of my favorites

My NFT collection for a new game I’m developing

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Notes and commentary on the books I have read

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Valuable aggregation does two things well: It discovers relevant news stories and highlights the most relevant parts of those stories.”_ —Jeff Sonderman, digital media fellow, the Poynter Institute

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