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A Special Connection

How will I know you when I find you?
and how will you know me?
How will you show me
that you are beginning to be
mysteriously attracted to me?

A person is able to feel that special connection
even at our first meeting
but how do you feel when you know that it is real?

You might try to resist
being drawn into my future
but the fact that day is day and night is night
means that you might
be drawn from the darkness into a light.

A pure light that warms instead of burning
that begins at the center
of your being and spreads
all through your body
and your mind
and your heart until
you feel you never want to stop
the slow gentle drop
into the warm and liquid imagining.

Of a safe place where passion plays
and that wonderful smile stays
illuminating your face
as you fall into the grace
of love and knowledge
and belief in a love
beyond that which you remember
for you remember more
that you can know and know, too,
that you will remember this:
some day in the future
looking back at this moment
at the moment you fall
oh so willingly
into a spell of your own conjouring
finding that the things you once looked for
that was misplaced and forgotten
that you despaired of ever finding again
once more has been found.


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