8 Quotes About Love That Will Melt Your Heart And Delight Your Soul

8 Quotes About Love That Will Melt Your Heart And Delight Your Soul

-Meditate on them to bring light into your life

In ‘Think And Grow Rich”, author Napoleon Hill wrote that love and faith are psychic, related to the spiritual side of man, while sex is purely biological and related only to the physical. The mixing, or blending, of love, faith, and sex, has the effect of opening a direct line of communication between the finite, thinking mind of man and God.

Love is all around us. It can be found in the eyes of a child, the smile on a woman’s lips, and even in the way, your hair smells after you take a shower.

I love quotes about love because they capture some aspect of what many people know: Love is complicated. It’s pain and pleasure wrapped up in one neat little package.

Here are some of my favorite quotes about love. What it is. How it touches us. And how it makes us feel.

Meditate on them and let the power of love flow in and through your life.

8 Quotes About Love That Will Melt Your Heart And Delight Your Soul
Image by GLady from Pixabay

Love is like a beautiful flower that I may not touch but whose fragrance makes the garden of my life fragrant. -Helen Keller

Love is simple. Love is complicated. It can make you feel all of the feelings like pain and pleasure, peace, and turmoil.

The thing about love is that it’s never what we expect.

Love is a flower; we can’t touch it or see it, but its fragrance makes us want to walk through the garden and enjoy every second of its beauty.

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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” -Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu is right when he says that being deeply loved provides us with strength. The feeling of love and the sense of acceptance we get from it can boost confidence and motivation to keep going.

The quote also makes me think about what I am giving others by opening up and allowing myself to be vulnerable and fall in love with them. When we love someone deeply, it gives them the courage to pursue their dreams and pursue their goals.

Image by vishnu vijayan from Pixabay

One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life; that word is love. -Sophocles

Love frees us from pain in many ways. It allows us to experience something better than pain.

The love of the little things and the grandeur of life is what makes living bearable.

Our favorite music lifts the weight and pain from our lives, at least for a while. The love of laughter and comedy can bring a smile to our faces. The love of reading, watching plays or movies allows us to become immersed in the tale and forget about our own.

The hours we spend with people we love are a vacation from this world of pain and suffering.

Love also teaches us about ourselves and the people around us. When we love, we become vulnerable with those we care about and allow ourselves to be open and honest. Love teaches us, too, that it’s okay not to be perfect and that our failings are just as acceptable as our successes.

Love is the kind of thing you make happen, and it’s worth making happen because love can make life wonderful and full of joy!

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Love opens the gates of happiness because it provides us with a sense of belonging and purpose. When we feel loved, accepted, and cared for, we know that we are not alone in this life. That there is someone there who will always be there no matter what happens.

Love unlocks all kinds of possibilities in our lives when we are willing to open up and share ourselves with others, allowing them to get close enough for us to fall deeply in love with them.

Love is a lot like the sun. It can be elusive and difficult to catch hold of, much less to keep for any length of time.

But even when it’s overcast or foggy outside, we know that it still exists somewhere out there, just waiting for us to go search for it again.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. -James Baldwin

Is there anything more terrifying than being naked, exposed, vulnerable?

Maybe it’s the thought of not having a mask to hide behind that scares us most about love.

When someone loves you, they see your every flaw and sometimes even help you become a better version of yourself with patience, understanding, and without judgment.

When we love someone, we open ourselves up to the possibility of being hurt.

When people believe that they can be loved and accepted for who they are, they become vulnerable differently because they realize that it’s okay not to be perfect.

What people are afraid of when it comes to love isn’t the possibility of being hurt, but opening their hearts up for someone else who might break them beyond repair.

Love can be so wonderful and open us up to new possibilities in life. Still, it also brings the possibility of pain if we allow ourselves to become vulnerable enough for someone else.

The opposite of love isn’t hatred or anger; it’s apathy, indifference, lack of interest, or concern for another person.

If you’re not interested in someone else, you don’t care what happens to them.

And the scariest thing about love isn’t being vulnerable with another person but opening ourselves up for indifference from others when we’re not perfect, and it’s a real possibility!

The most meaningful kind of freedom is to be what you are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act.

You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask.

It is difficult enough to be ourselves in a world that often asks us to change who we are for the sake of fitting into society’s mold.

It takes courage and strength just to be yourself when everyone around you wants you to conform. It can take years, sometimes even decades, before people find themselves enough to feel okay with being honest about who they are instead of pretending to be someone else.

We all wear masks, some of us happen to like wearing them, and others feel more comfortable without them. But if we can’t take off our mask for even a moment and let people see the real us underneath, how will anyone ever learn to love or accept who we are?

Image by Jim Semonik from Pixabay

“Love doesn’t make the world go round; Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. -Franklin P Jones”

Love shows us that there’s someone else out there who is going through the same things that we are. It challenges us to try new things and do better.

Love makes the world go round because it allows us to make a difference in other people’s lives and feel like we have a purpose. And love is what makes life worth living, even on its most challenging days.

Love isn’t just about receiving but also giving — sometimes that means being patient with someone who doesn’t quite understand things yet or giving oneself to another person entirely.

And it means that we can make a difference and give back to the world in our unique way — whether it be through patience, understanding, or simply giving of ourselves unconditionally.

I think love makes life easier because even on its most challenging days, you know someone else is out there who knows what you are going through. And they don’t want to see you fail, fall or hurt because it would be like them failing at something too.

Love helps us become better people for ourselves and others by challenging us to do our best even when we feel tired or worn out from the world around us.

That’s why love is meaningful — it reminds us that there are people out there who care about us more than we realize. Love is what makes life worth living because it shows you that someone else cares enough to be vulnerable with you and let themselves feel the things they do — even if those feelings aren’t always pleasant or happy ones.

Image by elizabethcecil from Pixabay

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. talked about how love conquers all because if we try to hate someone and push them away, they will just come back and push us away.

But if we show our love and allow ourselves to be vulnerable with another person, we can break through their walls and help them change for the better.

Love is what drives out hate because it shows that there’s someone else in the world who cares about you. It reminds us that even when we’re feeling broken, tired, or worn out from everything around us — love will still be there to pick us up and make things better.

It may not always seem like it, but darkness cannot drive out darkness — only light can do that. So if we try to push people away because of how they make us feel, in the end, there will always be a shadow looming over our head reminding us of all this “darkness” left behind.

But when we show love and become vulnerable with another person, it breaks through their walls, and we can help them become better people.

And love is what drives out darkness — because even when we feel like giving up on things, there’s always someone else in the world who will be here for us and make everything okay again.

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“We accept the love we think we deserve.” -Stephen Chbosky

When we’re out in the world trying to find love, it can be tough to know if we’re going about things the right way. We might try to change ourselves or do something that we feel is necessary, but what if those changes aren’t enough?

We only accept the love that we think we deserve — and because of this, sometimes we don’t realize how much love there already is for us. But when we start accepting love from others how they offer it, we can start getting what’s waiting for us.

If you want to change your life, start by changing how you view your worth. That will help you learn how to love yourself more and give away some of that love to other people.

Love can sometimes seem like a complicated game, but it doesn’t have to be difficult because the best way to play is by loving yourself first before allowing anyone else into your heart.

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love yourself — and be loved in return.

Everything else becomes more manageable when we can do that because there will always be someone out there who cares about us more than we realize. And if we let ourselves become vulnerable with other people, it makes things better for everyone involved because they will feel that sense of belonging.

In conclusion, we can express love in many ways, and quotes are just one of them. People are drawn to quotes about love because they know that the feeling of being in love is something special, and it truly is an emotion from the divine.

As Sophocles said, the one word that frees us of all the weight and pain in life is love. It’s more than just a feeling, though. Love is an action verb, like running or eating! Love is choosing to be kind for no reason. To stay patient when we’re frustrated. To forgive when we’re angry.

Love is also the act of opening up, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, and falling in love with someone else. Whether they’re our partner, mother, child, father, sister, or friend, opening up to them gives them the courage to live their best life by having access to our whole hearts.

Thank you for reading, and I love every one of you!


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