5 Super Healthy Lifestyle Habits That Will Make You Happier

5 Super Healthy Lifestyle Habits That Will Make You Happier

Some habits of people who always look 10 years younger than their age

“I heard a definition once: Happiness is health and a short memory! I wish I’d invented it, because it is very true.” ― Audrey Hepburn

People who are healthy, eat well and exercise tend to be happier.

They also have more energy for everything they do in life.

That’s because healthy lifestyle habits promote happiness and wellness on many levels.

These 5 healthy lifestyle habits can help you feel better today and lead a healthier, happier life tomorrow:

1) Have healthy meals at regular hours

Eating healthy, nutritious food is the foundation of being healthy.

It’s also important that we have healthy meals at regular hours – not just because it keeps hunger away but eating healthy will keep our mood upbeat as well.

A balanced diet helps us stay healthy and reduce stress levels which can affect our moods adversely too.

Healthy eating and healthy snacking are one of the most important healthy lifestyle habits to get into.

2) Exercise regularly

Exercise releases endorphins which make us feel happier, healthier, and more energetic. It’s been proven that exercise can help prevent many mood disorders from depression to anxiety too. A healthy body makes a healthy mind!

Exercise improves health because it helps to regulate blood pressure and heart rate.

It also stimulates healthy changes in the body’s cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Exercise lowers insulin output from the pancreas which can help overcome type 2 diabetes.

It decreases chances for cancer by strengthening the muscles against cellular mutations that lead to uncontrolled cell growth and cancerous tumors.

Lastly, regular exercise strengthens bones and joints and can help prevent osteoporosis and arthritis pain down the road too!

3) Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep has been linked to several diseases including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Lack of sleep also affects emotional stability and levels of some hormones that affect our moods in a negative way.

You may use a number of techniques to help you sleep better. Here are some suggestions:

  • Reduce caffeine intake from tea, coffee, or soda
  • Make sure your bedroom is as dark as possible and as quiet as possible
  • Get outside for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Plan on going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day- including weekends
  • Go to bed relaxed and not with a lot of work on your mind

4) Practice relaxation techniques

5 Super Healthy Lifestyle Habits That Will Make You Happier
Image by Irina L from Pixabay

Relaxation techniques help us destress and relax our bodies and minds.

This habit of a healthy lifestyle helps promote healthy heart function, healthy digestion, healthy hormonal balances, and healthy sleep patterns too.

Regular healthy relaxation such as meditation or deep breathing exercises will make you happier in the long run.

Meditation and mindfulness have been studied and found to help healthy emotional regulation.

Mindfulness meditation, in particular, has been found to help healthy emotional regulation in children and adults.

It also helps healthy coping with pain and healthy weight regulation in people who suffer from chronic illnesses.

5) Read a good book about healthy lifestyle habits

Self-help books are a great tool for beginners who want to develop good healthy lifestyle practices.

They contain many tips and tricks that can be used to motivate us into making positive changes in our lives.

Reading books about healthy lifestyle habits can provide valuable tools to make healthy lifestyle changes.

One way books are valuable is because they give you the practical tools that you need to achieve success with healthy living, which is something that cannot be learned by just reading general nutrition blogs or text-based articles.

Books also have other valuable aspects including making the reader more empowered through learning how they should fight against their baggage and create a better life for themselves.

The commitment of time spent reading the book, reviewing its outline, becoming familiar enough to implement these healthy practices are all things readers have control over empowering them even more.

Books also motivate introspection so the reader gains insight on what goals should be set in order to stick with their new healthy habits for life


The healthy habits mentioned in this blog post are not only healthy for you but also healthy for your emotional and mental well-being.

It’s important to be proactive with your health by incorporating these healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine.

Remember to:

  • Have healthy meals at regular hours
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep
  • Practice some relaxation techniques
  • Read a good book about healthy lifestyle habits

Follow these five rules and you’ll feel more energetic and self-assured than ever before while lowering your risk of developing chronic diseases such as obesity or heart disease, which can lead to depression later in life.


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