Wild Photos Show Extent of Chicago Looting (24 Pics)

Wild Photos Show Extent of Chicago Looting (24 Pics)

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Originally published on eBaum’s World – Featured Media on 2020 08 10 by nootens http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/wild-photos-show-extent-of-chicago-looting-24-pics/86343446/


Chicago police officers

shot a 20 year-old man who had initially fired shots at them. The man is alive and in the hospital, but when the shooting was first reported, the man’s age was misrepresented (as 15 instead of 20), and hundreds of people lashed out by looting stores around the city.

The hardest hit area was downtown, in which some department and big box stores had their windows smashed and

merchandise stolen


However, family-owned local businesses like jewelry stores and even one small bodega were hit as well.



went on into the wee hours of Monday morning, and in the end cops arrested over 100 people. The mayor has since tried to reduce access to downtown by raising the entrance bridges and placing cop cars all around the area.

These photos show the aftermath of these events.

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