In this Wednesday, May 27, 2020 photo, a looter uses a claw hammer as he tries to break in to a cash register at a Target store in Minneapolis. Rioters ignited fires and looted stores all over the city, as peaceful protests turned increasingly violent in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. (Richard Tsong-Taatarii/Star Tribune via AP)

I’m going to miss it when the current “outrage culture” we live in goes away after the reality of being in the worst depression in US history kicks in…

and people go back into survival mode instead of today’s current weak “what can I be offended by on someone else’s behalf today?” mode.

Coffee too hot?

Sue and get the bucks.

Want to practice free speech?

Break into Walmart and grab a TV.

Not wearing a mask?

Punch ’em in the face (or worse).

Personally, I’ve always been too busy trying to earn a living and raise a family to worry much about the small stuff or to stick my nose in other people’s bizwhacks.

But kind of makes me wonder how some of the folks around today are going to make it when they don’t have anything to complain about or a handout to buy the food.

Just sayin’.

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