What is Joe Biden hiding in his University of Delaware records?

What is Joe Biden hiding in his University of Delaware records?

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Following the interview of Joe Biden on The Morning Joe by Mika Brzezinski, “U of Delaware” started trending on social media. She asked multiple times why Biden refused to at least let those records, which encompass his entire career in public office, be searched for the name “Tara Reade,” his former Senate staffer who has accused him of sexual assault in 1993. He didn’t have a satisfactory answer for that.

The presumptive Democratic nominee for president went on the show to deny the allegations, and he did so repetitively. Some are praising Brzezinski for asking “tough questions” but she did not ask about the multiple corroborating statements made by people close to Reade who said she told them about an incident with he former boss at or near the time it allegedly happened. She also didn’t ask about the 1993 call from Reade’s mother to the Larry King Live show in which she asked about how her daughter could properly blow the whistle.

Here’s the interview:

This is the interview Biden needed so he could say he answered the question directly. It didn’t go well for him, generally speaking, though most in mainstream media are heralding him as having done well to “set the record straight.” Most in conservative media have been making fun of him and the leftist responses to his interview. One scathing post on Twitchy was particularly damning of Washington Post “conservative” Jennifer Rubin.

Take your MEDS! Jennifer Rubin trips all over herself praising ‘her innocent guy’ Biden for disastrous #MorningJoe interview

But now there’s another issue, and it’s arguably a much bigger one that could affect the former Vice President’s election hopes. What is Joe Biden hiding in the University of Delaware records? Why are they now sealed until he’s “no longer in public office,” which is doublespeak for saying he doesn’t want them released before the end of the election. Is he worried about Tara Reade being in there? No.

When someone has a political career as long as Joe Biden, there will be things that simply do not jibe with modern sensibilities. It’s doubly challenging for Democrats as their platforms and values are in a constant state of flux. When Biden came into office, the party was completely different. They were still against illegal immigration, tough on crime, and were not living in the bubble that social justice warriors have placed around them today.

In other words, it’s certain that Biden said things in speeches or remarks throughout his career that were acceptable at the time but would not endear him to modern day Democrats. Some of this has already come out, but his University of Delaware records would be a treasure trove of statements that could be used against him.

The Biden campaing knows this. How? Because they already went through the documents. That’s when they decided to have them sealed again despite saying they would be released.

Biden operatives accessed secret Senate records at University of Delaware before mid-March, report says

Joe’s Biden’s campaign dispatched operatives to the University of Delaware’s library in the past year to rifle through his secretive Senate records there, Business Insider reported Thursday — raising the possibility they accessed documents related to Tara Reade’s accusation that he sexually assaulted her when she worked for him in 1993.

The development comes as both The Atlantic and The Washington Post argued that Biden should instruct the university to turn over the records, saying they “could contain confirmation of any complaint Ms. Reade made, either through official congressional channels or to the three other employees she claims she informed not specifically of the alleged assault but more generally of harassment.”

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Biden dropped off 1,875 boxes of “photographs, documents, videotapes, and files” and 415 gigabytes of electronic records to the University of Delaware in 2012. The university initially said it expected to make the records “available to the public two years after Biden’s last day in elected public office.” In April 2019, just hours before Biden announced his current presidential bid, the university changed its mind, and said the papers wouldn’t be released until either December 31, 2019, or until two years after Biden “retires from public life,” whichever comes later.

Whether Tara Reade’s accusation ends Biden’s career or not is up for debate and may pan out over the next few months. But what’s certain is there are things in his University of Delaware records the campaign is desperate to keep sealed. Whatever he’s hiding, it must be juicy.

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