Please read all of the instructions first, before importing any products into oberlo


1. Make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser and install the Oberlo Chrome extension from

You can read more about it here

and please watch this video for instructions on how to use the extension


2. Login to Oberlo with your username and password to make sure products will be imported into oberlo (you can now close the oberlo tab and work directly in Aliexpress, if desired and just go back to oberlo to check on the number of products imported)

-The login in info will be included with a file attached in Upwork when you are hired



3.Go to and make sure the extension is working:

*** click on a product category for example, something like ‘necklaces’ below


***Make sure you are in gallery view in aliexpress (on the right on aliexpress)

*** click on the blue extension in the chrome browser at the top right where your chrome extensions live


*** Set it up so that Show Shipping Info is on and it shows epacket, United States and USD and that Hide Items Without This Option is turned on (this setting is off in photo below, but we want it on)



4. Find the product you want to import into oberlo. Click on the blue circle with the tag and arrow that is on the right side of the product box and it will be imported into the oberlo import list

*** You will receive a text file with the product categories you will be importing when you are hired – please copy and paste the urls in this list to do your importing from

If a category, doesn’t have 10 pages, import however many pages it does have

If you need to import more products to reach 30,000 after you have imported all categories, go back to the first category and import more pages past 10 more pages and continue down through your list until you are at 30,000

You will not be required to change any product descriptions, prices, etc. Just import 30,000 products into oberlo and we will work with descriptions, etc from there and add them to the Shopify store later.

Do not import any products that are:

  1. Do not import any products that are:
    1. ADULT ORIENTED CONTENT; adult merchandise, sexually suggestive content, images containing exposed skin and nudity
    2. DANGEROUS PRODUCTS; products designed to injure an opponent in sport, self-defense, or combat. Explosives, Guns & parts, Dangerous knives, Throwing stars, brass knuckles, tasers, pepper spray,
    3. Electronic Cigarette, tobacco or drug related like Rolling papers, pipes, tobacco filters, hookahs, Herbal cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes
    4. Lasers
    5. Human Hair
    6. Strong magnets
    7. Printer ink
    8. WUBBANUB Pacifiers
    9.  IVORY ELLA
    10. Christian Dior
    11. Fairy Girl cosmetics
      Cartoon Wolf Demon Hoodie
    12. Gagaopt or ANSELF clothingDC or Marvel Comic products
    14. Oculus Rift name in vr glasses
    15. Freon
    16. Watermelon Print Dress
    17. LOOGU camouflage products
    18. any super heroes, like batman, joker, superman, captain america, harley quinn, etc
    19. Wearable bath towels, super absorbent microfiber beach towel
    20. That are listed as epacket, but that you know won’t ship that way
    21. Fake products; “Knock-off”, “replica”, “imitation”, “clone”, “faux”, “fake”, “mirror image”
    22. Copyrighted content; Software that enables unauthorized selling, streaming, sharing, copying, or downloading of audio guides, e-books, anime, games, movies, mp3 ringtones, music, software, tv shows, works by independent artists, record labels, or other content creators; physical copies of copyrighted CDs, DVDs, or software
    23. Brand names or trademarks, such as disney, mickey mouse, paw patrol, names of bands, NHL, NFL, etc
    24. any pseudo pharmaceuticals (meaning any product that makes a health claim including things like supplements, vitamins, skin brighteners and whiteners, teeth whitening, skin peels and lightening products and products that contain hyaluronic acid, retinol, glycolic acid, kojic acid, vitamin C serums and hydroxy acids)


Once you have imported your first category, send us a message so we can check that everything looks ok and then we can continue from there.


5. You can check on the number of products you have imported into oberlo by clicking on the second icon in the left hand pane and looking at the import list count as shown in the video above


6. IMPORTANT-do not import any products into the shopify store; we will take care of that

Just keep adding products using the chrome extension until you have around 30,000 showing in the import count, let us know and you will get paid


Any questions, please feel free to ask.