Pinterest Team Leader

As team leader for your Pinterest employees, you will:

  • View, read and learn all of the training materials in our Pinterest Training Section
  • Add new outstanding resources to our training section as you come across them
  • Stay up-to-date on Pinterest information by reading all of the blogs, listening to all of the podcasts and watching all of the YouTube Channels listed in our training section on a daily basis
  • Check you employees Pinterest account/s daily to ensure they are following their procedure manual and actively pinning, repinning and engaging  with their followers
  • Moderate our Pinterest forum and post a daily update of information and tips you have learned from your studies and answer any questions your team may have
  • Ensure you team member reports their analytics stats in the Pinterest forum every Sunday, review their progress with them and together, come up with a plan of action for them to get better results
  • Take a screenshot of the the $ amount of Pinterest sales for their store from Sunday through Saturday from Google Analytics (conversions-multi-channel-assisted conversions-social networks) and post it in the Pinterest forum in their weekly stats post
  • Host a running chat on Upwork with all of your team members in the Ranmon Pinterest Discussion Group where you will leave messages about new forum posts you have made or resources you have added to the training section, new team members added and any other information that will be useful to them
  • Submit a report to the President every Sunday evening by 6 pm MST on how each team member is doing and the $ amount of Pinterest sales their store is making

Please remember that most of the employees you are managing state in their Upwork profile that they are already pinterest experts.  Sometimes this is true and other times it’s not.  Your job is to make sure they are doing their job and to assist them in using pinterest to make sales for their store, because profitability is the only thing that truly matters for all of us.

Also, since we only start off all new accounts at 5 hours each week, be patient while they build their account.  We give them 2 months at hardly any profitability to grow their pinterest account and normally find that if they are working daily that sales will be there within that amount of time and we will start giving them more hours.