Trump-supporting Democrat lawmaker Vernon Jones defies party, will finish term

Trump-supporting Democrat lawmaker Vernon Jones defies party, will finish term

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One of the hardest things to do for any lawmaker is to go against their own party and support a presidential candidate from the other party. That’s what Georgia state representative Vernon Jones did last week, and the repercussions were swift. He was called on by the Georgia Democratic Party to step down immediately.

Why Georgia Democrat Vernon Jones’ endorsement of President Trump is a bigger deal than most think

Yesterday, he announced his intention to resign from office and leave his seat empty until November. Today, following an unexpected outpouring of support, Jones reversed his decision.

The longtime lawmaker has become somewhat of an unofficial symbol of what the President has been able to accomplish in his first term. Many on the left, particularly the remnant of evangelical Democrats, have seen the benefits of having President Trump in the Oval Office. The decision to support him for a second term seems like a no-brainer for many who are paying attention.

In the past, there have been many defections, particularly in favor of incumbents. President Reagan famously pulled so many Democrats to his side that they became a long-lasting segment of the voting population: Reagan Democrats. Many Republicans supported President Clinton just as many Democrats supported President Bush.

Unfortunately for Jones, Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong. It is anathema for a Democratic lawmaker to switch sides to support President Trump. There were even more Republican lawmakers who were cozy with President Obama than there are Democrats willing to support President Trump. But that doesn’t reflect the voter base and Jones has reacted to them, not his own party leaders. His Tweet and video have been met with strong support from Republicans.

Most Democrats have been so blinded by party loyalty that willfully ignore or even attempt to downplay the positive leadership President Trump has had in America. Vernon Jones is the exception that should destroy the rule.

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