Trump Says ‘You’re Going To See a Rigged Election’

Trump Says ‘You’re Going To See a Rigged Election’

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President Donald Trump declared that the upcoming election will be rigged, a claim that he has made on a handful of occasions.

During a phone call to “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning, Trump complained about Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) — the president has feuded with the Democratic governor over COVID guidelines.

This week, Trump held his first indoor rally in months in Nevada, in defiance of the state’s health guidelines. Gov. Sisolak accused the president of “taking reckless and selfish actions that are putting countless lives in danger here in Nevada.”

Trump told “Fox & Friends,” “The one thing we can’t beat if they cheat on the ballots. Now [Sisolak] will cheat on the ballots. I have no doubt about it. This is the same man who is in charge of the ballots.”

Moments later, he turned to complain about difficulties in holding his rally in Nevada, saying, “They followed us everywhere they had a site. My people told me they’d never seen anything like it. Every place we had a big open site, outdoor site, which is great, it would have been perfect, they said no.”

He continued, “We ended up in a very big building but I would have preferred being outside … This is what we’re up against, this is what’s happening and it’s a disgrace.”

“And you’re going to see something with these ballots. You’re going to see corruption like you’ve never seen. You’re going to see a rigged election.”

Trump suggested a number of times that the election will be rigged, saying in mid-August, “The only way we are going to lose this election is if the election is rigged. Remember that. It’s the only way we’re going to lose this election, so we have to be very careful.”

In July, he tweeted, “The 2020 Election will be totally rigged if Mail-In Voting is allowed to take place.” And a month earlier, he wrote, “Because of MAIL-IN BALLOTS, 2020 will be the most RIGGED Election in our nations history – unless this stupidity is ended.”

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