Tony Shaffer: ‘Democrats are the party of abuse’

Tony Shaffer: ‘Democrats are the party of abuse’

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The Democratic Party and their mainstream media proxies have generally supported the #MeToo movement without question. They have acted in a way that insinuates the monsters who sexually abuse women by invoking their positions of power over them are somehow separated from the Democrats’ base ideology. The problem with this notion is if you look at most of the high-profile cases of powerful abusers in recent years, there’s a trend.

Trump Advisory Board Member Tony Shaffer explained this trend in a single Tweet:

Ed Buck has been involved in sadistic practices, sexual misconduct, and drug overdoses of Black men for a long time while being one of the biggest supporters of Democrats in the nation. They and mainstream media have returned the favor by embracing his donations while turning a blind eye to his crimes.

Jeffrey Epstein was a Democrats’ Democrat. While he was raping and trafficking young girls, peddling them to powerful men across the globe, Democrats and mainstream media were aware but covered his sins up until it was no longer viable for them to do so.

Harvey Weinstein has been praised by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and the entirety of the Hollywood Democratic Complex. His crimes date back decades, and many have acknowledged that they knew about it but didn’t want to speak out. Invariably, Weinstein has advanced progressive causes and had his sins covered up by those who craved his support.

Now, Joe Biden is being protected in the same way. The accusation leveled by former Senate staffer Tara Reade are extremely credible, corroborated, and documented. And yet Democrats, Hollywood, and mainstream media have done their best to bury the story for over a month. It’s a sharp contrast to how the same people reacted to Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

As Tony Shaffer noted, the Democrats are the Party of Abuse. So many at the highest levels of their party are aware of sexual abuse in their ranks, yet willfully turn a blind eye or even actively cover it up. Their #MeToo sentiment is reserved for Republicans.

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