This is probably a stupid post, so please do not lambast me for it.

This is probably a stupid post, so please do not lambast me for it.

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I take 1.5g of Lion’s Mane (mycelium, not fruiting bodies) per day. I take it all in one dose (I use oblate pouches which I typically throw my high potency multivitamin in as well, since they taste awful. The vitamins, not the mycelium). Would it be better, read: more effective, to take the Lion’s Mane as three 0.5g doses throughout the day rather than as a single 1.5g dose after eating?

Some background about my current stack: Other items in my stack are 10mg of Noopept twice as day (if I don’t forget to take the second dose that is. The irony of that statement is not lost on me), 600mg α-GPC (with 30mg Uridine 5’-Monophosphate Disodium), 200mg L-Theanine, a high potecny multiviamin, and of course the Lion’s Mane (Hericium ericanceus 825mg polysaccharides), and sometimes Etizolam, rarely Kanna (50mg worth of Lifemode’s extract), and even more rarely phenibut (I had 5g total, but I have no intent of get more after the remaining 500mg is gone). I also consume on average 750mL-1000mL of black coffee a day. I have taken kratom for over 10 years as well, off and on. Currently I been taking it for over 2 without any aubstantial break, and I take between 6-8.9gpd at 3-4.45g doses twice as day. Sometimes taking more than just the two doses however, bringing it closer to 9-13.35gpd if I dont go higer than that even. I suffer from anxiety that is cuts right though (turning me from an introvert into an extrovert), as well as elmimiting the chronic pain in my shoulder from a kyaking incedemt years ago. I am currently weaning down off of it though, as I do not enjoy taking anything that causes withdrawl when it is not immediately available, no matter how life chnaging it has been for me. I have also noticed a marked decline in my grades since begining to take it regularly. Aproximately half a letter grade or so. While it has not made any impact yet (I’m still getting the same letter grades, it will impact my GPA now that I am at an university that differenciates an A from and A+ GPA wise). I think this is because it makes it harder for me to concentrate on a single thing for extended time, similar to hypomania.

I was also briefly taking L-Thyronine. As a vegetarian I do not get this essential amino acid from eating chicken, but suppolimemting it gave me joint pain, so I discontinued taking it.

TL;DR: 1.5g of Lion’s Mane once as day, 0.5g of Lion’s Mane 3x a day. Would the spread dose enchnace its neurogenisis properties, or would the attack dose have a sronher effect?

And before anyone goes on the “FrUiTiNg bODiEs aRE BetTer ThAn mYcEliuM” parroting kick…

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