The Third Day cast got trapped on ‘creepy’ island set – and were haunted by strange sense ‘bad stuff happened there’

The Third Day cast got trapped on ‘creepy’ island set – and were haunted by strange sense ‘bad stuff happened there’

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Originally published on The Irish Sun on 2020 09 15 by Jill Robinson

THE Third Day cast has revealed they got trapped on ‘weird and creepy’ island set – and were haunted by strange sense that ‘bad stuff happened there’.

The new drama starts on Sky Atlantic tonight and stars Jude Law, Katherine Waterston, Paddy Considine, Emily Watson and Naomie Harris.

The Third Day cast have opened up about being trapped on a creepy island while filming the new series [/caption]

Jude, 47, plays Sam, a man who arrives on a mysterious island off the British coast while in the throes of grief.

His stay is disturbed by flashes of a violent past, while the island’s inhabitants are determined to protect and preserve their traditions at all costs.

Paddy and Emily play two of the island inhabitants, and revealed to The Sun’s TV Mag that filming on location on the island of Osea was just as “creepy” as what viewers will see on screen.

Emily, 53, said: “I think it’s a little bit creepy myself. On a sunny day when it’s a clear sky, it’s beautiful.

Jude Law plays a man called Sam who arrives on the island in the throes of grief[/caption]

The inhabitants turn out to be a bit weird as they try to preserve their traditions at all costs [/caption]

Naomie Harris also stars in the series [/caption]

“It’s right in the middle of that beautiful estuary there and there’s amazing birdlife. But it’s got all this quite creepy hedge tunnels and it’s just got a sense that bad stuff has happened there.”

Osea is in the estuary of the River Blackwater in Essex, and the cast had small windows of opportunity to get on and off the island around the tides.

Emily explained: “Filming there was infuriating because of the tide. Exactly as in the story, if you missed the tidal causeway, you then had to wait until the tide came in enough to get a boat.

“There were only certain times of day you could get on and off the island. Occasionally, we’d be fighting. We’d be supposed to wrap at 8.15pm and the crossing closes at 8.30pm.

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The show was filmed on Osea island in Essex [/caption]

“Then they call a few minutes grace which is where you go over for a bit. There’s a window of about five minutes to wrap and if you want to get off the island, to go. That was a bit hairy.

“A lot of the time we stayed the night. All of that set, all those houses, they’re also cottages where people were living. So it was a bit like being at a really weird boarding school!

“I did go home at one in the morning in a speedboat under the moon. It was really quite extreme and weird.”

The Third Day begins tonight at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. TV Mag is free every Saturday only in The Sun.

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