The high road: How to properly demand the end of the lockdown

The high road: How to properly demand the end of the lockdown

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Let’s be very clear up front. There are very few “wrong” ways to protest. Stay safe, focus on the right issues, don’t act like Antifa and destroy property, and those participating in the various protests around the country should do just fine. But there are better ways to protest than others. That’s the point of this particular podcast.

The left will establish whatever narrative they want through mainstream media. We’re already going to get attacked for calling for the United States to open back up and end the lockdowns. It makes sense that if we’re going to achieve our goals, we need to do so in a way that makes them work harder for the negative narratives. No need to give them easy stuff to complain about. Here are some recommendations.

  • Wear masks if you can.
  • Social distance respectfully.
  • Break the right laws (draconian lockdown laws, not property rights, for example).
  • Send a strong message.
  • Care about others.

The Saving America Rallies this weekend will send the right message to politicians, bureaucrats, and the people who aren’t worried about the economy or their constitutional rights. Lets protest peacefully and get this country open again.

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