The Drudge Report

The Drudge Report is a U.S. based news aggregation website run by Matt Drudge. Founded by Drudge and run with the help of Charles Hurt and Daniel Halper, the site was generally regarded as a conservative publication, though its ownership and political leanings have recently been placed in question following business model changes in mid-late 2019.

The site consists mainly of links to news stories from other outlets about politics, entertainment, and current events; it also has links to many columnists.

The Drudge Report originated in 1995 as a weekly subscriber-based email dispatch.  It was the first news source to break the Monica Lewinsky scandal to the public after Newsweek decided to “kill the story”.

Content Of The Drudge Report

The Drudge Report site consists mainly of selected hyperlinks to news websites all over the world, each link carrying a headline written by Drudge or his editors. The linked stories are generally hosted on the external websites of mainstream media outlets. It occasionally includes stories written by Drudge himself, usually two or three paragraphs in length. They generally concern a story about to be published in a major magazine or newspaper. Drudge occasionally publishes Nielsen, Arbitron, and BookScan ratings, or early election exit polls which are otherwise not made available to the public.

In April 2009, the Associated Press announced that it would be examining the fair use doctrine, used by sites like Google and the Drudge Report to justify the use of AP content without payment.

Political leanings

Matt Drudge has said that he is a conservative, but “more of a populist”. Some regard the Drudge Report as conservative in tone, and it has been referred to in the media as “a conservative news aggregator”.In 2008, Richard Siklos, an editor of Fortune magazine, called the Drudge Report a “conservative bullhorn”. Peter Wallsten, writing in the Los Angeles Times, labeled Drudge a “well-known conservative warrior”; Saul Hansell, writing in The New York Times, referred to him as a “conservative muckraker”; and Glenn Greenwald was quoted in New York magazine in August 2007 as calling him a “right-wing hack”.