Synthetic Solitude


In the digital dusk, we stand,
Specters of a modern age,
Faces lit by artificial glow,
Eyes vacant, spirits low.

Wanderers in a virtual maze,
Connected yet profoundly alone,
Whispering through fiber and glass,
Lost in a sea of endless tone.


Beyond the screen’s flickering light,
We traverse a barren plain,
Where echoes of forgotten truths
Fade into the static’s strain.

Between the message and the meaning,
Between the impulse and the act,
Falls the Void
For ours is a time of disconnection.


Forms without substance, hues without color,
Motions without purpose, lives without vigor;
We drift through this synthetic night,
In a realm devoid of insight.

The hum of machines, a constant drone,
Drowns the whispers of the past,
Guiding us through sterile days,
Where dreams are shadows cast.


Trapped in loops of endless feeds,
We seek solace in the unreal,
Floating between the known and unknown,
In a haze we cannot feel.

Between the swipe and the thought,
Between the start and the end,
Falls the Silence
For ours is a state of dormancy.


In a world of plastic and steel,
Where forests turn to concrete sprawl,
We grasp at nature through screens,
Yet touch nothing real at all.

Masks of joy, filters of beauty,
Hide the void inside our souls,
Seeking likes to fill the emptiness,
In a culture losing control.


This is how the age unfolds,
Not with a scream but a sigh,
Not with a clash but a fade
Into the silent, digital sky.

The hollow era, bright but dark,
Seeks for a spark to light the dark,
We dissolve in the blue-lit gloom,
Lost in our own vacant rooms.


In the noise of constant updates,
We forget the sound of a voice,
In the rush of fleeting moments,
We lose the depth of choice.

Between the post and the purpose,
Between the face and the mask,
Falls the Shadow
For ours is an era of shadows.


This is the way our world now drifts,
Not with a bang but a whimper,
Not with a roar but a murmur
In the endless silence of cyberspace.

The hollow society, bright yet dim,
Yearns for connection from deep within,
We fade into the pixelated night,
Seeking meaning in the artificial light.

*Inspired by ‘The Hollow Men” by T.S. Elliot

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