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How To Survive An Emergency

How To Find Water In An Emergency

How To Store Water For An Emergency

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The Homesteader Files

Some articles and tips I published under the pseudonym ‘Homesteader’ on a survival website and forum I had, circa 1997-2004 on my old ‘How To Survive Into The 21st Century Website’ which some of you remember.

Although a little dated, still some good useful info and tips
~ Randy Salars

Survival After A Nuclear Attack
How To Bug Out Of An Area
A Civil War Survival Story
Dirty Bomb Threats
Our Yearly Garden – Springtime
Survival At Ground Zero
Rules For A Gun, Knife, Baseball Bat Or Fist Fight
Hunting When It Counts
The Coming Loss Of Personal Liberty
Using Silver And Gold As Money
How To Not Panic
The Jeep Wilderness Rack
Radiation Protection For The Unprepared
Sprouting Basics
Fantasy And Weaponry
Using Wheat Intro
Battle Verses Of The Bible
Healing Verses Of The Bible
Abraham Lincoln Quotes & Quotations

How To Survive Tough Times – Contents

How To Survive Tough Times-Intro

How To Survive Tough Times 1 – Finding Work

How To Surivive Tough Times 2 – Harvesting Wealth

How To Survive Tough Times 3 – Creating Wealth

How To Survive Tough Times 4 – Acquiring Wealth

How To Survive Tough Times 5 – Generating Captial And Cash Flow

How To Survive Tough Times 6 – Consumer Debt

How To Survive Tough Times 6 – Privacy In The IT Age

How To Survive Tough Times – Getting Started Addendum

Those About to Die – The Story Of the Roman Games

Are we doomed to repeat history and see the collapse of our civilization? Read the book Those About To Die and get a glimpse of the beginning of the end of the majestic Roman Empire.

Some parts in the following story are rather gruesome and the following content is meant for adult audiences only.

Those About To Die – The Story Of The Roman Games (Or Does History Repeat Itself?)

Those About To Die 1 – The Games
Those About To Die 2 – The Gladiators
Those About To Die 3 – Sea Battles In The Colosseum
Those About To Die 4 – The Colosseum
Those About To Die 5 – The Animal Fighters
Those About To Die 6 – How The Animals Were Killed
Those About To Die 7 – The Gates Of Death
Those About To Die 8 – Jewish Prisoners
Those About To Die 9 – The Weapons
Those About To Die 10 – A Gladiators Right
Those About To Die 11 – Bullfighting
Those About To Die 12 – The Variations In The Games
Those About To Die 13 – Where The Multitude Of Animals Came From
Those About To Die 14 – Twelve Beautiful Young Girls


Stories Of Survival

For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II

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