RHINO Blinds R75 2 Person Hunting Ground Blind

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Why RHINO Blinds?

Whether you’re a first-timer or an avid hunter, RHINO Blinds hunting blinds are a perfect addition to your hunt. Easy setup and take-down makes working with RHINO Blinds a breeze. The walls pop up with a durable rod and hub system, and replacement parts are always available should anything happen to your blind. Each blind is UV treated, DWR (durable water repellent) treated, and antimicrobial treated eliminating fading, dry rotting, mold, and other issues prevalent in many blinds on the market.

RHINO Blinds have been endorsed by hunting professionals, photographers, hunting guides, and more. From longbow/trickshot legend Byron Ferguson, to Dan, Danny, and Shannon Reaser of the Outdoor Option, RHINO Blinds are a favorite hunting blind for everyday, all-weather use. Try RHINO Blinds today and see why they’re the best hunting blinds available.

triplebond fabric silent closures fade resistant microbial pro camo best

Popular Camo Patterns

Mossy Oak

Obsession Ameristep Barronett

predator deception green

Real tree

Mossy Oak Breakup Country

Using dramatically larger limbs, leaves, bark, branches and other digitally enhanced natural elements, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country annihilates your outline and fuses you with the terrain like no pattern that has come before it – at any distance, anywhere across the country.

Mossy Oak Obsession

Mossy Oak Obsession was developed to provide turkey hunters with both concealment for the hunt and support for the resource. The most popular and proven lethal pattern to ever hit the spring woods, it features an enhanced background of mottled tree bark inspired by the original Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern, true-to-nature elements of limbs, pine and oak foliage, and lifelike color tones to match the turkey woods in spring and early fall.

Predator Deception

The pattern may not have that photo realistic look, but it is the prey’s perception that truly matters. The Deception pattern was designed with the original patterns in mind, and built with the same Open Pattern Technology. In addition to that concept, it introduced a shadow effect that gave the pattern depth, along with detail on the branches, to enhance the break up effect.

Realtree Edge

Features open pockets of light and shadow that mimic open areas in a tree canopy but also prevent muddiness allowing the pattern to stay open at a distance and disrupt the human form. Edge uses warm grays and browns combined with shadows and highlights that help match your surroundings.

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R75 2 Person Ground Blind R100 2 Person Ground Blind R150 3 Person Ground Blind R300 3 Person Ground Blind R500 3 Person Ground Blind R600 3 Person Ground Blind
Features Spring steel frame, small profile great for one person, super lightweight 5 hub design, brush loops, shoot through mesh windows, ideal for both bow and gun hunting 5 hub design, brush loops, shoot through mesh windows, zipper less entry, ideal for both bow and gun hunting 5 hub design, brush loops, shoot through mesh windows, zipper less entry, ideal for both bow and gun hunting 5 hub design, brush loops, shoot through mesh windows, zipper less entry, ideal for both bow and gun hunting 5 hub design, large front panel of solid fabric, silent hook and loop attachment, zipper less entry
Hunter Capacity 2 2 3 3 3 3
Center Height 66″ 65″ 66″ 78″ 80″ 71″
Hub to Hub N/A 63″ x 63″ 75″ x 75″ 77″ x 77″ 90″ x 90″ 77″ x 77″
Floor Space 60″ x 60″ 49.5″ x 49.5″ 58″ x 58″ 58″ x 58″ 70″ x 70″ 60″ x 60″
Weight 11 lbs. 14 lbs. 18.6 lbs. 21.5 lbs. 19.1 lbs 26 lbs.
Includes Backpack, Stakes, & Tie Down Ropes

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Mossy Oak Breakup Country, Predator Deception, Realtree Edge