ComfiTime Folding Stool -2nd Gen Portable Foldable Stool for Indoor (Kitchen/Bathroom) and Outdoor (Camping/Fishing/Hiking/Travel/Garden) Use, Retractable/Collapsible Plastic Stool for Adults or Kids

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As our brand name tells, ComfiTime Retractable Stool is meant for the greatest comfort and convenience for your time at home or on the go. It features a highly portable and durable folding stool, a premium-quality memory foam seat cover that conforms to your body shape and provides comfort you need for extended sitting. It also comes with a water-resistant storage bag for easy carry and storage.

? Materials and Dimensions:
1. Retractable Stool (Folding Stool): PA66 and PP Plastic for the stool; Nylon material for the straps.
a)Diameter: 9.8in/25cm
b)Height: 2.4in/6cm – 18.5in/47cm
c)Weight: 2.86lb
2. Seat Cover: Water-resistant mesh fabric over memory foam
d)Diameter: 9.8in/25cm
e)Thickness: 1.4in/4cm for the memory foam cushion
3. Storage Bag: Water-resistant fabric
f)17in x 13.5in

? Intended Users: Adults or kids

? Multi-purpose Use:
1.Indoor: Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom etc.
2.Outdoor:Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Traveling, Gardening etc.
? How to Use:
Step 1: To open, grab the ends and pull apart to your desired height.
Step 2: Twist clockwise until claps click into place to lock the height.
Step 3: Cover the seat with the memory foam cushion.
Step 4: To unlock the stool, remove the cover, grab the ends, slightly pull apart and twist counterclockwise.

? Included in the Package:
1x Retractable Stool
1x Memory Foam Seat Cover
1x Storage Bag
1x User Manual

⚠️ Warning
Please avoid tilting or pressing the sidewall of the stool which may cause permanent damage to the stool.

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