Yosoo Slingshot Latex Band Black Natural Latex Slingshots Tube Tubing Band for Hunting Shooting (3M)


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Product Description



Quality Latex

  • Taken from the natural rubber tree, milky white milk raw material, the use of artificial tapping form, each tree has only a small amount of milk juice every day, to ensure the precious material, features: non-toxic, fast rebound, wear!



  • Bright color, good flatness, quick rebound, no pressure, no toxicity, no side effects, suitable for sports competitions, fitness tension, toy elasticity, equipment power, outdoor fishing tackle missed rope.




Multiple Use

  • Medical supplies
  • Shooting tools
  • Chemical experiments
  • Sports equipment

Advanced Exquisite Hand Crafts

  • Superior raw latex processed by advanced technology and exquisite hand crafts.
  • Outside Dia. 0.2″, Inside Dia. 0.12″, Wall Thickness 0.08″, Diameter Tolerance: +/- 0.01″

Use & Storage

  • Please keep it in a cool and dry place to prevent aging, avoid direct sunlight, stay away from sharp things and petroleum chemicals!

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