Wisdoman Outdoor Wrist Rocket Slingshot Kit, Adjustable Stainless Professional Hunting High Velocity Catapult Powerful Slingshots with 2 Rubber Bands and 50 Ammo Balls

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Product Description

Wisdoman Professional Slingshot

Professional Hunting Tool, More Accurate, More Strong

Professional Ergonomics Design

  • Comfortable handle grooves,
  • just the right finger exerting force,
  • fashion streamlined hollow bow body,
  • thick spray-painted metal texture,
  • giving you an unparalleled grip experience

Special stable stucture

  • Magnetic design, portable loading
  • Come with wrist support, line into an independent triangular power structure
  • Three-hole rubber band design, hair more uniform, exerting force more uniform, more powerful stretch

Widdoman Three Profession Slinshot

New Fashion



New Fashion





Wooden KING of BOW

Package Includes:

1. Stainless Metal Slingshot x 1

2. Powerful Rubber Band x2

3. 50 steel balls

4. Screw Key x 3(Wooden KING of BOW Screw Key x 1)

5. small flashlight combo x 1

Note: please do not let children play the slingshot alone, and do not shoot at people, it is dangerous! Please in length 300 meters*300meters empty spaces use. The products for illegal activities is prohibited Features The framework is recurved bow, designed according to human body engineering. With the professional rubber band, use the screw to connect it with the bow. More powerful, high quality material, and the rubber band is six strips, the professional outdoor hunting slingshot.

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