Slingshot,Professional Hunting Slingshots Set,Outdoor Shooting Slingshots for Adults,Powerful Stainless Steel Wooden Handle High Velocity Catapult Slingshots with 3 Rubber Bands and 50 Slingshot Ammo


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🙂If you want fun shooting targets go for it you’ll love this slingshot. You’d have fun playing around like you did when you was a kid.
🚫This is not a toy, children must be use under the supervision of adults.

👍It’s a great resource to detouring unwanted guests in the yard. For example, drive away crows, squirrels and raccoons that disturb your property. Besides, I will dissuade you from enjoying the fruits of your labor. it must be used under local law and the instructions and practice ethical hunting.

👍[EASY INSTALL] This slingshot is very easy installation and using.
A.How to install rubber bands:
1.Unscrew the screw.
2.Press the screw and insert the rubber band.
3.Tighten the screws to make the rubber band secure.

B.How to install the aiming sights:
1.Unscrew the screw.
2.Install sighting and tighten with wrenches.
3.installation is complete.

C.How to install the sighting line:
1.Cut the appropriate length of fiber into the sight hole.
2.Use a lighter to burn one side, the fiber tip will shrink into a small ball.
3.Burn the other side to fix both sides.
4.Fiber installation completed.

Slingshot x 1
Flannel Slingshot Portable Bag x 1
Mechanical Sights x 2
Hex Wrench x 2
High Elastic Flat Rubber Band x 3
Hard Clay Balls x 50
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