BESTZY Powerful Slingshot Bow Catapult,Outdoor Hunting Sling Shot Rubber Bands by Outdoorstainless High Velocity Most Powerful Profesional


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Warranty: 30 Days


● Material: natural latex.Great Elasticity from high quality natural latex tube. This brings a strong retraction with high velocity.
● Natural Colour Bands, With great elasticity for shooting at ease.High-grade cowhide pouch with anti-slip feature for holding ammos and control shooting stably.
● Great Accessory for Slingshot Catapult.Considerately heavy and strong pull rubber bands offer excellent initial velocity and great power.
● Good elasticity and durability.High Concentricity between the inner and outer circles brings stable performance.
● Tubes (loops) at two sides are tied with minimized discrepancy. And of course there should be some difference because of handcraft work.

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