TINK’S Signature Black Label Estrus #69 Deer Lure – 2 Ounces

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Limited edition – Tink’s signature Black Label Estrus #69 is the world’s finest, most potent Whitetail deer Estrus. Tink’s Black Label Estrus #69 is lab-certified to have been collected when a doe is at absolute peak heat, using a patent-pending process to ensure purity, . Use Tink’s Black Label Estrus #69 during the rut for best results. We recommend using with a Tink’s scent dispenser like a scent Bomb, scent reel, scent sponge or scent Wick to maximize the long-range attraction of this uniquely potent lure. Established in 1972, TINK’S has been the #1 brand and #1 Performing line in deer scents and lures for nearly 50 years. Our goal is deliver superior product and the best possible experience for generations to come. TINK’S is a participating member of the ata deer protection program.

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