Scent Crusher Ozone Go Plug in Vehicle Air Cleaner

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The Scent Crusher Ozone Go destroys all odors in your automobile in less than 30 minutes. The last place you are before you hunt is your vehicle. Previously hunters have transferred odors from their vehicle to their clothing or hunting gear. Never again!! You can now crush those odors before your hunt. A shower of fresh air for your automobile interior and gear inside. Simply plug into your vehicle’s 12-volt, cigarette lighter outlet for hassle-free use. Space-saving compact size with a one year warranty. The unit is maintenance free and will last 5 years. The Ozone Go is part of the complete odor eliminating system by Scent Crusher. Declared Best New Product at the ATA hunting show. Scent Crusher – Scent Off. Game On. As a precaution, we do not recommend being in the vehicle when the Ozone Go is operating. While the unit does not generate ozone at extremely high levels, some people experience mild headache and minor nasal discomfort when exposed to the lower levels of ozone present while the Ozone Go is operating.

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