Nationwide Scents Doe Estrus Buck Attractant Whitetail Lure Hunting Scent Urine | Make Deer Scrape

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peak estrus deer scent lure

peak estrus deer urine scent attractant

chronic wasting disease certification

Chronic Wasting Disease Free

Nationwide Scents is CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) Certified free for 12 years. Though it has never been proven that CWD can be spread through urine, Nationwide Scents continues to monitor their herd to the highest standards available through USDA and the ATA Deer Protection Program to provide you with the safest and cleanest products available.

Peak Estrus

The Best Rut Season Buck Attractant

As a passionate hunter you deserve the best, which is exactly what you get with Nationwide Scents fresh deer scrape lure. We are continually innovating to continue bringing the freshest and purest deer urine to all of our customers so that they can hunt faster and more efficiently than ever before! Get your bottle of Nationwide Scents Deer Urine to experience potent deer urine scent that actually works.

  • ATA Deer Protection Program participating member
  • CWD Certified Free since 2002
  • 2nd generation, family-owned farms with 700 whitetails





Per each hunt, according to the wind make two fresh scrapes about 20 yards on each side of your stand.

For each scrape, pick a tree with low-hanging branches and make a 3 ft. circle by scraping away all leaves under the branches with your boots.

Hang your favorite heated wick dispenser on a branch over each scrape and pour some directly in to ground.

If the terrain allows for access, make scent drags to your stand as well. To do so, tie a wick soaked in fresh urine to a string and drag it behind you as you walk towards your stand freshening wick every 80 yards.

nationwide scents whitetail deer farm

Unfrozen Peak Estrus Unfrozen Buck Scent Unfrozen Scrape Lure
Season Pre, Peak, Post Rut Early, Pre, Peak, Post Rut Early, Pre, Peak, Post Rut
Mock Scrapes
Attracts Bucks
Attracts Does
Scent Drags
Calming to Deer
Challenges Bucks

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