American Heritage Industries 16 oz Coyote Urine- Protect Your Garden with Real Predator Urine, an Product


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Many home gardening enthusiasts have a love/hate relationship with the woodland critters. While rabbits, deer, and skunks may appear cute in the movies, they can wreak havoc on a garden or yard. One all natural way to keep these animals away from your garden is with coyote urine. These smaller herbivores are naturally afraid of predator urine, and will stay away once it is sprayed. This big 16 oz bottle is plenty of coyote urine for repeated applications. Simply apply liberally around the perimeter of the animal you want to keep free of smaller animals. Apply again on a regular basis, and your garden will be thriving, free of pesky critters. While most use predator pee to keep smaller animals away, it has another use: trapping. Every trapper and hunter knows the value of urine for attracting a specific species. This coyote urine, when used in and around the coyote’s natural habitat and area, will help attract coyotes that are nearby. This makes it great to trap or hunt coyotes. Simply spread nearby your preferred hunting spot, and wait as the coyotes smell the call of the wild, and come close enough to take down.

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