Pete Rickard DE602 Pheasant Training

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When Pete Rickard developed the original Indian Buck Lure in 1929, he didn’t realize he was creating an industry. He just wanted to improve his own hunting. Knowing that a strong natural formula that attracted deer and covered his own scent, he followed a dream. Pete discovered the secret of consistently successful deer hunting was overcoming a deer’s acute sense of smell. If he would have listened to those who thought he was crazy, he would not of become a pioneer and innovator of Indian Buck Lure. It is still as popular today as when it was introduced over 85 years ago. Thousands of testimonial letters were received at the Catskill Mountain based company that spoke of the effectiveness of Pete Rickard’s Hunting & Trapping Lures. There have been many imitators that have come and gone but Pete Rickard’s remains. Want to try Pete Rickard’s original formula?

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