Avery ATB EZ-Bird Training Dummy

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From the manufacturer

  • Soft floating head
  • Design encourages proper pick-up/hold
  • Will not damage teeth or eye sockets
  • Durable PVC outer body
  • Foam filling yields lifelike ducky feel
  • Will not absorb water or emit foul odors

Avery Ez-Bird Dummies

Avery Sporting Dog has developed training birds for all breeds and sizes of sporting dogs. Whether you have a Springer, a shorthair, or a Chessie, we have the training bird for you.

The Avery True Bird is a carbon copy of the mature species it’s designed to represent. It is specifically designed for the trainer that will use his dog to pick up the real thing in or testing scenarios. With real bird weight and feel it’s the best training bird Avery designed.


Available in realistic colored and shaped Mallard, Pheasant, Pintail, Widgeon, and Woodduck


The Flasher is mallard shaped and scaled, with a high visibility black and white color pattern for use in training on long marks.


The Pheasant comes with a floating flexible plastic tail for realistic visuals when thrown.

Avery Ez-Bird Dummies in dog’s training

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Flasher, Green-Winged Teal, Mallard, Mourning Dove, Pheasant, Pintail, Teal-Flasher, Wigeon, Wood Duck