ALPS OutdoorZ Timber Dog Stand, Brown


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From the manufacturer

Timber Dog Stand


Tech Mesh


Angled Teeth

Tech Mesh Platform

Durable Tech Mesh platform provides ample space for your hunting partner to sit allowing water to drain through. Tech Mesh is also highly water resistant, so you do not have to worry about water and dirt making a mess.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Being lightweight doesn’t mean that the Timber Dog Stand is weak. Bringing the dog stand isn’t a hassle using the included carry strap. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the stand only weighs 7 lbs 5 oz. Aluminum won’t rust, so getting wet isn’t a problem.


Angled-teeth on the dog stand ensures that it won’t shift when your dog gets on or off the platform. The lower bar easily adjusts to keep the platform level and the included ratchet strap ensures that the stand remains stable.

Tried & True

Our Tried & True brand promise is to offer performance hunting gear backed by our customer service. Our feature-driven products are designed and marketed by a team of dedicated, passionate and proud hunters

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