Auscamotek Scent Control Bags for Hunting Clothes and Accessories Water-resistant 33 x24 inches(2 pack)

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Deers Hunting is Beating Their Noses

    Deers have color blinded eyes,it’s easy to fool them using appriporate hunting blind gear
    When God shut a door, he will surely open a window.
    Thus Deers have the most effective defence weapon,their powful NOSES!
    Some expert says that whitetail Deer’s nose is 10,000 times sensitive than humans !
    And big buck can smell as far as 1 miles away and can smell your trail odor 3 days later.
    So, unlike hunting birds or waterflow, it’s extreamly important to control scent
    when you hunting whitetail,elk, hog,wolf,fox or any other mamall games.

Why 2 bags?

    One bag for keeping your scent elimated hunting clothes right after being washed until you getting into hunting field.
    The other bag is for those ordinary clothes you replaced with scent elimated clothes and lock the oder inside.
    That’s why we need at least 2 scent cover bags and never mix them

Some Tips for Scent Control

    There are plenty of scent elimation or neutralize product on the market
    like scent contraption elimination gel spray dust and whatsoever
    They will work somehow to some extent, but it’s really not likely to be 100% scent free
    Blow is some good advices to be as scent free as possible,

    1)Take a barth the night before you going hutning and take a another in the morning before you head out
    2)Try to be vegetarian temporary not including garlic or onion a few days before you go hunting
    3)Chewing some type of gum like peppermint spearmint gum while you are on hunting to reduce your breath odor
    4)Play wind, try to be at the downwind of your hunting games.

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