Tipton Revolver Snap Caps .38 Special / .357 Magnum with False Primer and Reusable Construction for Dry-Firing, Practice and Safe Firearm Storage, 6 Pack


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From the manufacturer

Whether you’re fully restoring a firearm or performing routine maintenance, Tipton provides high quality, expert designed maintenance solutions. Our vises, cleaning accessories, and solvents/oils are engineered for perfection by a team that understands the impact maintenance has on firearm performance.

It’s Not Clean Until it’s Tipton Clean

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Snap Caps

Tipton Snap Caps are a reusable and economical option for adjusting trigger pull, dry fire exercises, and reducing the pressure placed on hammer springs in storage.

Firearm Cleaning

From gun solvents to swabs, Tipton offers a superior line of cleaning products that compliment one another.

Gun Vises

Whether you’re cleaning your firearm or running routine maintenance, Tipton’s durable range vises are designed to make the job easier.

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