Tipton Firearm Cleaning Pick Set with 4 Picks for Gun Cleaning and Maintenance


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It’s Not Clean Until it’s Tipton Clean

Whether you’re fully restoring a firearm or performing routine maintenance, Tipton provides high quality, expert designed maintenance solutions. Our vises, cleaning accessories, and solvents/oils are engineered for perfection by a team that understands the impact maintenance has on firearm performance.

Tipton Cleaning Picks

Tipton Gun Cleaning Picks belong in every cleaning kit or on every bench. This set of four picks, with different configurations on each end, provide eight different combinations to ensure you can get into all those tight hard to reach places. Made of high-strength polymer, these cleaning picks won’t scratch the finest of surfaces. The different shaped tool at each end ensures you have a pick for every situation.

  • Set of 4 picks
  • Reach those tight hard to reach spaces with ease
  • Each end has different shape offering eight different options
  • High-strength polymer won’t scratch your firearm

Perfect for cleaning pistols and long rifles.

Great for getting into the hard to reach places.

A variety of shapes to make sure you have the right tool for the job.

Tipton Gun Cleaning Pick 1

Tipton Gun Cleaning Pick 2

Tipton Gun Cleaning Pick 3

Tipton Gun Cleaning Pick 4

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