Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool, with Fire Starter & Whistle (1-Pack)


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Product Description

Ideal for hunters, hikers, campers and DIYers

knife sharpener and survival tool



Sharpal Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional and patented multifunction knife and tool sharpeners for the outdoor and sports, garden and workshop, and culinary and kitchen industries. For more than 18 years we have been passionately researching and developing quality products, which provide consumers with an easy and cost-effective way to obtain a sharp edge.

SHARPAL 101N 6-In-1 Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool

  • 6 function incorporated into a portable compact design
  • Optimum durable sharpening abrasive material
  • Preset optimal sharpening angle
  • Built-in lanyard hole
  • Ideal for fishermen, hunters, campers, hikers

Key Feature

Multifunction, Versatile

high quality material, tungsten carbide

Portable, Compact, Pocket size, Easy carrying

bi-material housing, durable, soft grip


6 Function

  • Tungsten carbide blades: quick edge setting
  • Ceramic blades: fine honing
  • Fire starter
  • High-pitched emergency whistle
  • Tapered diamond rod (Medium 400 Grit): sharpening serrations, gut hooks
  • Groove in diamond rod: sharpening fishhooks, pointed tools

Premium Abrasive Material

10000 Times Tested

  1. Pull the knife blade through the two sharpening slots 10000 times each
  2. No break found in both 1 tungsten carbide and 2 ceramic blade


It measures 3-1/2 inches long and 1-2/5 inches wide, and it weighs only 1.5 ounce.

Soft Grip

Soft rubber coated design for comfortable grip

How to Use

tungsten carbide, sharpening slot

serrated knife, serration, gut hooks

fire starter, survival tool

survival tool, whistle

Two Sharpening Slot

  1. Insert blade fully and vertically into appropriate sharpening slot at a 90 degree angle to the sharpener.
  2. Gently with light pressure pull the knife blade from heel to tip in direction of indicator arrows.
  3. Repeat above action until blade is sharp

Tapered Diamond Rod

  1. Put end of the rod against the cutting edge of the serration or gut hook. Match grind angle.
  2. Push the rod through the serration or gut hook while applying moderate pressure and rolling the rod as you push. Repeat until cutting edge is sharp.
  3. Hone the serrations by pulling blade through No. 2 ceramic slot

Fire Starter

  1. Place the tinder in the middle of your clearing, on the ground or on a bed of dry twigs if the ground is wet.
  2. Fully insert the fire stick into No. 1 carbide slot and pull the fire stick quickly through the slot in direction of indicator arrows.
  3. Repeat pulling the fire stick through the No. 1 slot quickly until the tinder ignites

Emergency Whistle

Position lips over opening in upper left of product and blow vigorously.

Do NOT cover the air outlet on the top of product.

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