Nationwide Scents All in One Deer Hunting Wooden Cherry Grunt Call, Buck Tube, Estrus Doe in Heat Call and Fawn Bleats

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Nationwide Scents is a producer and distributer of whitetail deer lures. We are located in central Pennsylvania and have been family-owned and operated since our founding in 1988. The company was founded on a multi-generation family legacy of whitetail deer husbandry and breeding.


One Call to Achieve a FULL RANGE of Authentic Deer Sounds

  • Our Professional Quality Deer Call is made from the finest Cherry wood with an extra long tube for volume and realistic throaty grunts and laser engraved for a perfect sounding call.


  • Versatile and easy to use, the Nationwide Scents Deer Call will have you talking the talk in no time. 


  • Designed to mimic a rutting buck grunt, young buck call, breeding buck, estrus doe bleat, regular doe bleat and fawn bleat with easy to adjust ring on the reed and easy to adjust low – high volume calling.


  • Nationwide Scents Grunt Call can do loud to gentle calling by the flick of your wrist covering small or large hole with the freeze proof tip designed for the harshest conditions.

Allows you to make ANY DEER Vocalization, from Fawn to Buck


  • Unmatched Experience, with our daily contact we hear many various grunts and sounds that whitetail deer make. Our deer call is designed to realistically mimic these noises with an accuracy 2nd to none.


  • An Effective Deer Call to have on your stand, this deer grunt call is proven in the field with years of testing and our team of whitetail experts who have been raising deer since 1988.


  • Fully Adjustable tones from old to young buck. Comes with a durable lanyard for easy portability on long hikes in the backcountry or while you’re taking a shot.


Nationwide Scents Deer Grunt Call is Freeze-Proof and EASY TO USE

  • Easy to Use:  Simply switch between high and low calling on the adjustable ring on reed.   

  • Designed with a durable freeze proof tip to give you the best call in the harshest conditions. 

nationwide scents

  • With two farms, 700 whitetail deer and two state of the art stainless steel collection facilities, Nationwide Scents is one of  the largest and most advanced in the country.

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