U.S. Tactical Sewing USTS Advanced Modular Headset Cover

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Advanced Modular Headset Cover

THE ORIGINAL – MADE IN THE USA -“Advanced Modular Headset Cover”. Don’t fall for others photoshoping our copyrighted images to confuse you!

Our Original Made-in-America design – pioneered by USTS in 2014!

Designed for the shooter who demands a fully integrated, modular system for their ear pro. Whether at the gun range shooting steel at dusk, on NVG’s at a night shoot or hunting hogs in the backwoods, this setup will give you the flexibility and features you have been looking for.

Design notes
Having always struggled with loose cables and sloppy tie-down systems, we designed and range tested the AMHC to present the user with as many options as possible. We always use headsets with integrated comm, so we needed a easy place to store excess cables when not needed – so this was the ultimate solution to retain quick access at all times.

During periods of low light shooting, or rail mounted NVG shooting, the ability to throw a light up on a piece of rail was a super hot feature during our last night shoot at the range. The expanded velcro area and rigidity of the piece created the stability needed to mount lights such as the Insight M3 and Surefire X300 without causing too much weight to shift your ear pro.


Universal & Proper Fit

Our special design was perfected on the range, with the length being exactly right to prevent hot spots above the ears and on the temples. Longer copies made by others will cause you trouble!


Installation Help

Try flattening the hearing protection as must as possible across your thighs or knees, then use your hands to wrap the cover around the band and fasten the velcro starting at one end and working towards the other. Make sure to keep the headset as flat as possible to prevent bunching of the fabric.

*Original Made-In-USA Design*

USTS pioneered this design way back in 2014, and we have perfected every single bit we can. From the high end bartack stitches on the webbing, to the all made-in-america materials, to the authentic licensed fabrics and webbing. You will find copies of our design everywhere, but only directly from us will you get the ultimate original. If it doesn’t have our tags and packaging, then you are not getting the real deal!

This is a FABRIC COVER only, no hearing protection headset is included

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